Sunday, September 30, 2007

Let The Battles Begin!

Ever since I can remember I've been playing games. I guess you could say games were in my blood. As a young kid I remember the joy of walking into my uncles room. His room was unlike any other I've ever seen. It wasn't the boring, typical room of any other family member. Piles of cardboard boxes with titles like "Blitzkrieg" and "Star Fleet Battles" peppered the room. Off in the corner was a table that had newspaper laid flat over it so paint wouldn't get on it. On top of the sports section would be paint bottles to numerous to count and miniatures in various stages of production. His Dungeons & Dragons books were frequently the object of distraction in the bathroom and needless to say when I grew up enough to understand the rules of my first miniatures game my uncle was right there, ready to play (even if he wasn't a big fan of Battletech).

So now years later when I learned he had started a miniature gaming blog it seems only natural that I would follow in his boots...

Sort of.

His blog is all about historical miniatures. Which are cool, don't get me wrong. I really don't care what game it is as long as the rules rock, but I dig fantasy. Knights on horseback and far future soldiers fighting for galactic supremacy are the kinds of things that spark my interest. Um wait... knight's on horseback are historical. OK. Knights on horseback with healing powers and pluses to hit because the weapon has been enchanted by a wizard is what I'm talking about. Really though, no matter the game I hope to chronicle it here, a wargamers diary if you will, hidden under the mattress of the world wide web for all of you to find.

Enjoy my fellow 25mm Warriors and let the battles begin!