Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hurting My Bak-U-Gan

Heh, get it... Bak-U-Gan... Back-A-Gain. HA!

And yes it hurts like a @$#&!

I got hurt a number of years ago in the military and ever since my body is falling apart. The resent back injury is yet another chapter in a slew of back problems. I original just had injured feet which has lead to injured everything. The pisser of this time is that with my back out it has seriously hampered my painting/ gaming life. I walk with a cane now so my right arm feels like mush at the end of the day.

Hard to paint with a mush arm. Can't seem to hold my brush steady lately and it aggravates my already tender back.

Even simple gaming has become extremely painful. Moving around a table, hunching over, taking measurements... these things are not supposed to hurt... but they do. My pride doesn't help any either which keeps me from going to the game store for any pug games and Opiewan tends to vanish during the summer months (his job keeps him busy. I hope to see him again soon... I hope).

Anyway the past month has been real depressing. I never would have thought my service would ever result in my hobby becoming a chore. Painting becoming painful and moving around a game table so tiring that I'd just rather not.

So in the midst of my despair I rediscovered WOW, spent some time with family and met a gaming savior I never would have imagined...

My son.

He spent his allowance on something called Bakugan. My interest was naturally peaked as I watched him roll the Bakugan balls onto the gate cards to have the ball transform into some mythical creature. I read the rules, taught them to my boy had to leave the action cards out... that will come later) and thoroughly enjoyed getting my butt kicked by my five year old. I rushed to Wal Mart to get my own Bakugan to defeat my son.

I still lost.


I didn't care, I was gaming again with the one person I really want to game with. He cheered me up and got me playing a game that doesn't hurt. Your curses can become blessings sometimes.

Still I'm really sore. Not sure when I'll get back to painting, gaming. Just got to give it time I guess.

You guys really do make me feel like I'm part of a community and it was awesome to see that some of you were concerned about where I went to. I'm still here and I'm not going anywhere.

Just because I'm not painting or modeling right now until I get better doesn't mean I stop being an active member of the community. I'm really looking forward to just wandering from page to page, admiring what you all do best and what you all inspire me to do.

So wish me better and if you have kids go get some Bakugan for em. It really is that good.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

There is something surreal about painting historical miniatures on the 4th of July. In reality your painting the representation of someones son, husband, friend, dad who went and served in some terrible struggle. It made me thankful that not only is war gaming a great hobby but now it offers an outlet to never forget, to pause and reflect, to stop and say thank you.

On this Independence day I finished my 1000 point Flames of War U.S. Paratrooper force. I wanted to get it done by the 4th so I could do a tribute post to all who served and put their lives on the line for this great country. It is they who have ensured my families and your families independence so we could have cookouts and beer, fireworks and sparklers, independence and freedom. Today is possible and a reality because of their sacrifice and it's important we all pause and remember.

I hope you do as you look over my army

Happy Independence Day and God Bless America!!!

Command Platoon

Paratrooper Platoons

Machine Gunner Team

Sherman Team

"All gave some, some gave all..."
I'll let you decided which is which