Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Ya Gotta Start Somewhere

A few years ago when I learned games Workshop was coming out with another starter set I was like "aww man. Just another one of GW's ploys to get me to buy more stuff." I'd always wanted to play Warhammer 40k. The miniatures look fringgin great, the rules seem solid and well the miniatures look friggin great. However I was the victim of 3rd edition Warhammer 40k and with the sour taste that starter set had left in my mouth (if you could even call it a starter set) I wasn't ready for another rehash of the same 'ol, same 'ol ploy for the warmongers in the British Isles to get my hard earned yankee money.

Call it morbid curiosity or just sheer boredom but about a year ago I broke down and bought "The Battle For Macragge," Warhammer 40k's newest assault to get people to surrender their time and money.

However something still loomed over my head... finding other people to play with. Sure I got my own game group of guys that have been gaming together for over a decade but talking them into a hobby that takes a lot of time to prepare for is a daunting task. Not to mention I'm the only guy who ever paints miniatures. Anyway, after painting just five Space Marines the new boxed set found a nice comfy place at the bottom of the closet.

One year later...

At the behest of my wife I was forced to clean out my closet. After going through boxes of miniature games, mounds of books and piles of loose paper I found my "Battle For Macragge" set again. I had just come off an eight month "World of Warcraft" bender (that game just got to damn repetitive) I needed a new hobby. I hadn't really played miniature games since MageKnight (a topic I will save for a whole other blog). So I took what few paints I could find, put the miniatures together and set out on a five day trek to get the rest of that boxed set completed.

I got em done in four.

With my miniatures newly painted I called up one of my gaming buddies and said something like "Warhammer 40k, this weekend, won't take no for an answer." WE met on a Friday night and went through the starter missions, using the supplemental mission found on the Macragge website. What a blast! We got up to mission six and called it a night. We gamed for nearly seven hours straight and it felt good to get lost in and loose time to a game that had nothing to do with computers.

If you've never played 40k or if your like me, giving the game multiple attempts but cowering in the face of big rule books and miniatures to numerous to plaint, pick up the Battle For Macragge. It's a great into and provides hours of fun, a lot more hours than we were expecting. In the weeks to come I'll be doing a battle report on all the missions for the game. So stay tuned!