Saturday, November 26, 2011

!!!Almost Done!!!

Sup Guys!

Thank you all for the look see's and nudges of support. The Minions and Papa JJ rock as always and welcome to the new guy who stopped by, decided to keep on stopping by :)

Right on man

About to cross the 35k mark here in a little bit. I'm behind on the word count "officially" but we don't like "officially" here at The 25mm Warrior.

Not like I'm writing the thing traditionally anyway.

So far I've sent 748 texts that make up it's word count. Within those texts have been a back that's gone out 3 times, the stomach flu, my phone breaking and the usual pain and suffering here at the happy house

Really, when your "LG Ally" touchscreen gets screwed up to the point it looks like I'm trying to get free porn in the 80's off a cable box I'm not supposed to have...


it's one of the most stomach twisting "...I've lost R2" moments from Star Wars Episode 1: A New Hope I've ever had (no... it is no longer Episode 4 thanks to disaster of the new trilogy I'm sorry to say).

So it, like everything else, has been a challenge.

You guys can see me cross the finish here in a few days here.

Also, where to go with this dusty old blog. Can't really do it like I used to. Might need to make some mid course corrections.

More on that after the event however :)



Mik said...

Dude, it's good to hear something, anything out of the 25mmW! I have more but I'll just email you, rock on brother.