Friday, February 22, 2008

The First 500

OK so now that I'm the proud owner of the actual 40k rulebook (out fifty bones for that alone... damn GW) I have been enlightened to the ins and outs of getting my army on the table in less time flat. I say "less time" and not "no time" becuse it still take a heck of a lot of time either way to get an army put together, primed and painted. The insight is helpful though. You know the whole painting squads at a time not just one mini at a time, keeping the paint pallet of colors down to a minimum, dry brushing and inks etc. With that said they also preached to start with a force of 500pts as a starting army.

So I sat down, cracked open my Tau Codex and used my wicked addition skills to come up with something. Now granted it might suck ass, I mean the last time I played a real game of 40k was years ago with a Necron army that ended up on ebay. I tried to stay to the overall feel of the Tau which is range and maneuverability and came up with this ... (DISCLAIMER... to view the picks fully just right click on them and scroll down to "view image" and click on it)


- Commander (Shas'el) x1: 50 pts
Cyclic Ion Blaster: 15 pts
Fusion Blaster: 12 pts
Multi-Tracker: 5 pts

TOTAL: 82 pts



- XV8 Crisis Battlesuit Team x3: 75 pts
Twin Linked Plasma Rifle: 30 pts
Twin Linked Burst Cannon: 12 pts
Plasma Rifle: 20 pts
Missile Pod x3: 36 pts
Multi-Tracker x3: 15 pts

TOTAL: 188 pts



- Fire Warrior Team x11: 110 pts
- Fire Warrior Team x10: 100 pts
Shas'ui Team Leader Upgrade x2: 20 pts

TOTAL: 230 pts





What I'm thinking is that you use the battlesuits to dance around the battlefield taking pot shots at the enemy while the fire teams get set up to open fire. With the battlesuits being outfitted with jet packs and all of them having multi-trackers (lets my fire off each weapon in a single round) I think I captured the essence of the Tau shooty army. Of course that is all conjecture and talking out of my ass since I'm sure when I play it will all go to shit. My two regular opponents will be Sisters of Battle and Imperial Guard. The IG scare me a bit as Tau really don't have a whole heck of a lot when it comes to heavy weapons and IG are tank heavy. Troops won't be a problem though I think. Sisters on the other hand with their +3 save and mandatory 10 troops per squad could be a real problem too. That's where range really will have to come into play. The real weakness with this first 500 is zero, and I mean zero chance for survival when it comes to close combat. Thank goodness for jump jets.


Dave said...

you should be scared of the IG!

excellent paint jobs