Thursday, February 26, 2009

Man, The Army Painter should use me as a testimonial...

So I was looking at my white primed Orc Warboss that came with The Assault on Blacks Reach set and decided to give him a go. I confess that center pieces scare me. While it's somewhat acceptable to fudge a bit on troopers it's a bummer to have your armies central leader look less than substandard. Again, I hate painting or better said I used to hate painting. The Army Painter rewards you for effort. You sat down and painted your minis didn't you? Why should only Golden Daemon winners and Heavy Metal team members have the monopoly on great looking minis. I'm convinced miniature painting is all technique and time. The Army Painter takes both and cuts them down considerably.

So here he is, My Orc Warboss Gazzgortts!


I ran into a bit of trouble after using Games Workshops dull coat on him. He bacame kinda ashy/ cloudy looking. He just needed a a little bit of a natural sheen to him so my beautiful wife (who does not paint minis but should) gave a great suggestion.

Taking a Qtip and getting a bit of AstroGlide on it put the shine back on the mini. Once it's applied it worried me because it looked really wet (yeah!) but as it dried it left a subtle sheen that was just what I was looking for.

His boss pole was done by me. I'm not really into customizing my miniatures but he needed something to make him look a bit savage. The heads are from each of my other armies that I started but never quite finished. All were spare head bitz except the Tyranid. I had to clip it off of a perfectly painted up Genestealer. But since I have no desire to do a Tyranid army anytime soon and how I would do it with a different color scheme it was a worth while sacrafice :)