Friday, February 27, 2009


Not a good painting night.

I got to work on one of my Deff Kopters tonight. Everything was going great. I painted it, dipped it and then I varnished it... too much. As the dullness dried it made it look cloudy. I could pick the stuff off in chunks. Seriously it was that caked on.

Suffice it to say the mini is ruined. Two hours of painting down the tubes. I can only hope base coating the little bugger and painting it again will save it.

I also got the balls up to post the Warboss on and let me tell you if your looking for something to boost your ego that is not the way to go. As my Warboss swims in a sea of professionally airbrushed minis he is being gobbeled up by the aristocratic sharks behind them. Alas I'm at a 6.6 I guess I should have read how people are supposed to judge on that site. You assume the role of a Golden Daemon judge, rating them as if it was a real competition. 10 is awesome, 8 is great, 5 is tabletop quality... I guess I shouldn't get my feeling too hurt. fter all I was going for just tabletop quality anyway :)