Wednesday, March 4, 2009

So I got home from work last night and found my OrcWarboss posted on jumped up to a 9.5. Floored I called my buddy to tell him the news and he agreed with me that it was good but not that good. Still for a moment it felt nice to be one of the highest rated minis in the site. It was even listed in the top 10 finding a place at 9th.

When I woke up the morning I found the image deleted and my message box contained one lone message from a moderator. It stated the image had voting irregularites and either I cheated or someone cheated for me.


Ok now wont let someone vote more than once. I know, i tried. The only thing I can figure is they have some kind of tracker that records someones isp and doesn't let the same isp vote for the same pic again. My WarBoss got 502 votes, my voting history is 12 votes so it wasn't me lol.

Now I sent an email to all my gaming buddies to go to the site to check it out. I suspect I know who did it but stop and think about this one for a sec. If my buddy really did vote hundreds of times to give me a rating that put me in the top 10 than I'm flattered. I'd rather have my friend think my shit is amazing than all the dorks on cyberspce combined. So if one of my friends did do that than let me pause to give a very heartfelt thank you. It's nice to have your friend gun for ya :)

Now I couldn't just leave it at that now could I?

I wrote the admin dork guy back and this is what I wrote...

"Umm ok.

You guys wont even let the same person vote twice on one picture so how could I have cheated? Please delete my account as I don't want my masterpieces corrupted by your lame site. Thank you very much.

Painting Master of the Universe"

There I think they now get the point. The liar, liar, pants on fire defense works every time.