Saturday, March 21, 2009

Report: New Codex(s)!!!

Throughout Games Workshop history there have been alternate army lists put out over the years and editions for significant, albeit smaller forces in the 41st millennium. These being the Adeptus Arbites, Blood Angels Army of Death, Ordo Hereticus Strike Force and Genestealer Cults. Well during my normal late night incursions surfing the world wide web I found a site that has all four of them not just in their lists but...

each in a full blown Codex!

That's right! Cruse over to and look under the Mini-Dex section to find them. Man, are they impressive. Each is done up to look like a real published Codex and is fantastic! They have army lists, special characters, modeling sections, fluff and well everything you would find in a published Codex really.

The Mini-Dex's they got are the four listed above and you really should go check em out like 5 minutes ago... their really that good and well done.

Being a Blood Angels player an entire company falling to the black rage is awesome and I'm sure my brother in arms Opie-Wan Kanopie will be very interested in the Strike Force

Absolutely incredible job Bell of Lost Souls! Keep up the stellar job!

Here's the link one more time...