Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I reviewed my notes from the Bunker Assault game I blogged about below and added some commentary to try to make the game come alive a bit more. While it's not a true battle report I think the extra detail will give you a better idea of the pasting the Imperial forces suffered at the hands of my Blood Angels. Let me know whatcha think!

Also I've been chatting with our esteemed leader through subspace communique (er, email) and am pleased to announce that he's gonna feature our games battle reports as a weekly thing! Since we game once a week why not let you guys know whats going on with our games and hobby! If that wasn't enough I'm doing a tutorial on how to paint Orks using the easiest method ever! If you hate painting and see it as a necessary evil as I do your not gonna want to miss this!

Gonna get a Blood Angels pass and review up soon too along with my army list so you all can pick apart my forces and see pics of them up close:)

So stay tuned and until next time my brothers... "For The Emproer!" "Waaagh!!!" "For the Greater Good!" um... "Live Long and Prosper." What else is there? Oh yes, "May the Force be with You!" and of course...

"Where's the Beef!?"