Monday, March 9, 2009

So I jumped on and found the first comment on my blog. The admin guy from coolminiornot left it and I encourage you to read it. It was a very heartfelt, sincere explanation of what had happened and I'm glad he understands that it wasn't a joke but a huge misunderstanding and I really appreciate that.
That took a lot of guts to write that kind of comment and I want to take this time to say I'm sorry for taking him out of context. That was way cool of you to do that and I'm glad we understand one another now. That kind of integrity is rare and I want to use this blog to bury the hatchet and recognize it.
So moderator dude forgive me for my flame war and thank you for taking the time to reach out in a comment to set things straight.
You rock dude!


CrusherJoe said...

Well, being a network engineer I can think of several ways off the top of my head that "voting irregularities" could be generated scriptomatically (which is geek-speak for "automated by a script"). However, unless you're really determined to pull it off I don't think it would be worth the effort.

I only say this as a way of defending your stance that there's really no easy way you could have cheated (unless, of course, you also happen to have a pretty good knowledge of TCP/IP and at least one or two scripting languages or C++). It sounds to me like some of your buds went to the site and voted for you. Um...isn't that what's you're supposed to do? Or -- oh wait, just thought of this -- what if all those votes were genuine? I wonder if they considered that possibility? It shouldn't be too hard to dig up a log of visiting IP addresses that hit your mini's page...

...anyway, I realize you want to bury the hatchet and I'm sorry if I was digging up something that shouldn't be. I was just giving you a little defense! :)

Personally, I think your Ork looked good. Keep up the good work!

The 25mm Warrior said...

Finally someone came to my defense and I certainly appreciate it. Yeah I thought it was rude to just come out and say I cheated when I had no idea what was going on. However the Admin Guy did write that he would change the way he responds to any future voting anomalies and that was cool of him. Crusher Joe you are DA MAN!!! Dig up all you want because the issue here is calling someone something they are not or accusing someone of something they did not do and no one should ever just lie down and take that weither it be in the mini world or elsewhere.

Thanks for the kind words on my Ork, he appriates it and promises not to bash your head in too hard when he WAAAGHS!!! on you :)