Monday, March 16, 2009

Remember Click It or Ticket!!!

Ok so you wont get a ticket if you don't do this but I just wanted to pass on this friendly reminder...

You can click on my images to see them full and blown up if ya want to. Someone mentioned you can upload them to Blogger and they format better to the site but I'm not seeing where you can do that.

If someone can give me a few pointers on how to do this that would rock!

Cheers mates!


the other Kevin said...

You can add images while you're writing your post. There's an add image button for that. It takes a bit of adjusting sometimes to get it where you want it around the text, but it does work.

Still, I didn't have any problem with your set up, and enjoyed going through your album, which I wouldn't have found if you'd uploaded just one or two pictures to the blogger.