Thursday, March 5, 2009

Damn the Admin Man!

Ahh this is friggin great.

So the admin dude wrote me back to the email I sent in the below post and had this to say...

"It is quite possible to cheat and this could have been done by a friend as well "helping" you without your strict knowledge. I hope you are aware that I can read your blog as well as everyone else on the Internet? Good luck with your Ork army and take care, Sven - Moderating Master of Coolminiornot."

No admin guy I'm not aware you can read.... but I am glad for you. Literacy is a good thing even if comprehension is not. I said I suspected who may have done it, not that I knew who did it. Amazing that in a land of democracy guilt is suspected above innocence. However with such statements as
"I hope you are aware that I can read your blog as well as everyone else on the internet" I'm not surprised. Is that a threat? Are the coolminiornot finger men gonna come get me, confiscate my paints and throw me into prison? Is my good name gonna be blasted and smeared in the painting community now? Again lol... threats of suspension from a site that offers nothing but kudos for being the best is a dull blade indeed. This is a great lesson in people being douche bags, overreacting and pointing blame with no evidence and threatening punishment for something so friggin stupid. You could have just email me with "hey there are some irregularities in the votes for your picture. We are sorry but we have to reset the vote count to 0 as to be fair to all our other painters. Now if the same irregularites show again we will have to remove the picture as it will appear to us that something fishy is going on. We are sure this is an oversite and an accident. Thank you for your interest in our site and happy painting." That would have been totally acceptable, friendly and professional. A message like that would have my full support. I know the site has to be fair and I support that. Hell the work some guys do on that site is absolutely amazing and they deserve the spotlight but getting a message of allegations of cheating on something I have no knowledge of is unfair and mean and I don't want anything to do with your lame site. Not because of what it is but because of who is behind it.

Theoretically anyone could vote for any one painter hundreds of times without knowing them and they would get the same response, the removal of there work and pointy fingers shouting cheater! You guys need to rethink how you deal with your site members and chill out. I mean come on, look at my Warboss... even I know he's not Top 10 material. You'd have to be a moron to think that. Common sense truly is rare.


Sven said...

As you continued the discussion here...

I think you have interpretated my comments in the worst kind of way and not the way it was intended. I did not threat you with the comment, TBH I thought you were making a joke with your response, and was refering to that, hence the smiley afterwards and the tounge-in-cheek title I gave myself. I might rephrase myself in the future though, as my language seem to have been a bit too frank at first. I honestly thought you were having a laugh and didn't think you'd be this bothered. Sorry about that. I don't run the site, I and the rest of us mods moderate it voluntarily, so again, sorry for threading on your toes on this one, we can't always get it right unfortunately. My good luck with your Ork army was genuine though.