Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Woah! It's Been a Year?

I'm ashamed of myself...

So I guess the 6 day plan turned into the 365 day plan... only I got rid of my Tau army. With frequent hospital visits, surgery and an ongoing addiction to World Of Warcraft I abandoned my Tau to the auctioning depths of Ebay, entrusting their care to the highest bidder.

Oh now don't worry I kept the ones I painted (can't seem to part with them), but with my plastics gone and my interest in the Tau fading into the warp it was time to look into something new. I've always wanted to play 4ok but every time I delved into the 41st Millennium something happened to where I quickly found myself returning to the 21st century. Everything from not having someone to play with to not having the cash (this game is damn expensive) worked it's way to keep me out of it's ranks but now with my interest renewed and a determination to get at least a 1000 point force done I'm ready to go at it again, dipping my brush into the world of war gaming once more.

Now I have flirted with other games in the mean time. I found Battletech again and to my surprise discovered that my old childhood introduction to this genre of gaming got a very nice overhaul. Its core is the same but with FASA tanking it proved once again that games florish when players are given control of them. In the future I'll set some blogs to it.

However I digress... this is about Warhammer 40k and my new army is Space Marines which is really the best choice for me. Even though I know the rules and have played a couple of games I am new to the game and I have plenty to learn about the ins and outs of the battlefields waged across countless worlds and to my knowledge Space Marines are the best for that. Also with the new boxed set I got some Orks which will give me a go at something different letting me decide wither I really want to defend the Imperium or wage Waaagh! against those dirty humies.

Only time will tell.

The cool thing is my recent discovery of Army Painter. If you've read my other posts you'll know I hate painting. I want to play the game dammit! I'm by no means an expert "pro" painter but I do want something that looks respectable to other nerds sitting across the table from me. After some initial trials with this stuff it's perfect for getting a decient looking army fielded in no time and I'm really looking forward to posting pics of just what this stuff can do.