Friday, May 29, 2009

Hey all

Cruise on over to this guys blog

I'm sorry it's not a direct link (that always gives me trouble) so you'll have to do some good 'ol fashioned copy and paste. Great looking paint jobs, conversions and Forge World minis to boot. I think were just see the tip of the iceberg with this fella.

Also I think I'm gonna do this more often when I get the chance. It seems to me From The Warp is a community. It's not just about my blog it's about everyones blog and if I can give a shout out to a great new blog and help that person get some followers and exposure than awesome. It breaks the heart to see someone have some excellent stuff of their site and have next to no one following it.

So from now on If I come across a blog that has great content that the whole community should see I'll be posting "The 25MM Warrior Check This Blog Out Follower Call." I hope it helps some get the attention we all want and hope we get.



madtroll said...

Thanks a bunch for the promo bro.

First time I have felt like I was a part of "The Community".