Friday, May 15, 2009


Did you know about Elysians?


So I'm at work flipping through the Forge World catalog that came with the Death Korp Command Squad I just got and my mouth dropped open when I saw these guys. I didn't even know they were there. I was so blinded by the Death Korp that I think I missed em. Anyway I'm ditching the Death Korp idea and doing Elysians Drop Troops now.

Now being a Veteran Air Assault U.S. Army trooper myself these guys totally played into my sentiments. I know I did up the the poll about the Death Korp and one day I will do them but for now I've got to do these guys. When I decided to put up the poll where you guys decided for me to do the Guard I had the idea of a force with pin-up girls on them. Elysians are THE Imperal Guard force for that. With the release of the new Valkyrie... oh man I can't wait to slap pin up girls all over em :)

These is one problem though... I already have the Death Korp Command Squad. Now what am I to do? These guys are just to damn pretty (in a gritty kind of way) to throw into my mini closest only to be filed away under the "I'll get to you later" drawer. You guys have been so awesome with all your comments and help and I really appreciated everyone that came out to vote for the now ill fated Death Korp idea that I've decided to do a contest...

and the prize will be my Death Korp Command Squad.

I'll leave it at that for now while Opiewan and I hammer out the details, rules, hire a firing squad to deal with cheaters etc. I also got to get the idea over to Ron since I guess there is a blog around here that features contests and stuff.

The contest will be up on Saturday night. Holy geeze that's tomorrow night! I better get crackin and oh by the way, sharpen your wit everyone and dust off your funny bones...

Your gonna need it!


Chris said...

That's a great prize, looking forward to seeing the contest rules.

Mik said...