Friday, May 8, 2009

He sees you painting, priming, modeling, basing, playing...(I'm running out of ing's here).

It was only a matter of time until he wanted to play too.

My little boy recently found my stash of D&D miniatures. I had bought them not to play a miniatures game with (I think Wizards minis rules stink) but to play D&D with. As fourth edition hit the shelves I got the idea to do the introductory module all in 3-D. I made a card stock dungeon (an endeavor I don't recommend to anyone), bought all the minis separately to coincide with the encounters in the adventure. I spent a month on this project and guess what...

We never frigging played it!

So here I am with a ton of miniatures for a crappy mini system, an adventure that never got used and a ton off pretty looking card stock. What is a gamer to do? Ebay it? Use it kindle a fire? Toss it out with all the other failed games filing this under the "Well it was a good idea but..." file?

My boy had a better idea.

"Daddy I want to play. Can we play with your miniatures?"

How could I say no.

So we set up a dungeon, grabbing baddies and making a final room with a Green Dragon in it. I got him to play a very simple game too. He was the band of heroes and I was the dungeon monsters. We rolled a D6 for movement. When you move next to a monster we did contested die rolls with a D20 with the higher roller winning. We had a blast.
As time goes on it will be cool to add more rules to the mix... pluses to hit, chances to dodge, multiple wounds etc... and I know one day he'll grow out of the little game he used to play with daddy and start playing Warhammer 40k Twelfth Edition or whatever. But I think the best game I will ever play with him is the one we made up together.

Show me your War Face!!!

The Dungeon

My boy got the idea to set up a secret room with a monster inside guarding treasure. You can imagine my pride :)

The Dreaded Green Dragon!!!

Playing the Game (I love the look on his face).

If you got kids I totally recommend and encourage you to do this with them. We had such a good time and yes I lost... fair and square. Good game My Boy!

(This blog is dedicated to the man who showed me games when I was a boy. Things are truly cyclic. Thanks Uncle Dave... we love you!)


Cyborg Trucker USA said...

Start em' young! Looks like he was having a blast! That's a nice looking set up you have there.

Siph_Horridus said...

Awesome job well done, another GW recruit to keep the hobby alive... ha, seriously tho - what's not to like for a 'lil kid, wizards, warriors, goodies, baddies and a Dragon! Coool. If only i'd started at 5.

Mik said...

I love it!