Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Check This Guy Out!

To All Warpians!

Dude come over and check out this guys blog at www.clubworkshed.blogspot.com

Not only is he a cool guy but his painting stuff needs to be seen. With the kind of minis he's putting out on his site you got to see it. Not to mention he's got some stuff about The Army painter as well. His Eldar look fantastic dipped in the quickshade.

It breaks my heart to see a fantastic looking blog with great content have only 5 followers. Go check out clubworkshed now! It's a great little stop :)


eriochrome said...

It would be easier to go to the page if it was a link. Saves the step of coping it to the nav bar.

Gavin Schofield said...

Cheers for the link, it's done a world of good. I'd post a link in return, but all I'd be doing is sending your readers back to your blog, which makes no sense :p. I'll show people I know your blog instead.