Monday, April 13, 2009

You have let your voices be heard brothers and the loudest voice cried for the Death Korps!

It has been written so shall it be done!

So last night after the polls were in I cruised on over to Forge World's website to take my 400pt combat patrol list and see how much it would cost...

I came up somewhere around 300+ bucks!

Wow, did that discourage me? Did it scare me into not honoring what I said I would do? Would I cower in fear at the thought of telling my wife I was gonna spend so much for something so little !!!

HELL NO!!! (and I'm just not gonna tell my wife)

um j/k :)

So the force is gonna take longer than expected, no biggie. Actually it will give me the chance to actually have what I bought painted before purchasing the next part (a nasty habit of mine. It just leads to playing with unpainted minis on the table). I was also taking a look at the list and remembering what the gimmick is, to have pinup chicks on the tanks. So the list needs tanks not sentinels I think. With all the rumors about cheaper squads and cheaper Chimeras I think that is the best way to go.

I also need your feedback on something.

The other plan was to have card suites on the platoons as markings between them. That would be easy for Cadians because of their shoulder pads but I'm not seeing where you could do it and make it look cool on the Death Korp troops. If anyone has an idea out there please let me know:)

So since the Death Korp is gonna take awhile and miniatures are cheap for the Orks because of the whole starter set I'm gonna work on the Orks too in the mean time. I got be able to play 40k still and the voting was really close so why not just do em both!

Alright guys I hope your week is a good one and thanks for voting!


Wanderer787 said...

Props for going with the Death Corps! They're one of the most interesting legions, I think. Out of curiosity, can you use some of the plastic Steel Legion troops to supplement and hopefully spare yourself a little bit of wallet flogging?

phdwargamer said...

If it makes you feel any better, i too know the pain of the wallet busting krieg. I've just purchased the final part of a 3k list. About 70% painted so far. It's a hard slog, that's for sure.

Can't see you getting the cards on the infantry i'm afraid. You'll notice if you don't know already that the krieg models are quite slim and trim compared to cadians. Just compare the size of their feet for a start.

However, the krieg fluffy tanks such as the centaurs and the macharius have some very nice flat areas that you could go nuts on.

Best of luck buddy,