Monday, April 6, 2009

The Sisters of Battle Army Pics!!!

I got two guys I play 40k with on a regular basis and if you've read my blog before you may have heard me mention Opiewan Kanopie. I've known the bloke since high school and for nearly 15 years since we've been gaming together. Funny thing is he's been working on this army for about 10 years. Hmmm been playing 40k for a couple of months, subtract the one, carry the 5... well you do the math :)

Needless to say both of us are very long time in coming players. I hate to paint and Opiewan loves to in a OCD fashion that would make Howard Hughes proud. He's quite a talented painter and sculptor and never backs down from a hard paint job (unlike me, I cower in fear... for more info read my Army Painter stuff). Only he doesn't stop there... if he doesn't like a mini he converts, clips, staples, spits and glues one until he gets what he wants. Not to mention he does great detail work on eyes and lightning swords (a future post will show you all what he did to my Blood Angels Sgts and Captain). Well I do believe I talked the guy up enough. Time for you to see his work for yourself (now if only he would finish the stinkin army...*hint,hint Opie*)

Oh and don't forget to click on the pick for a full picture:)

The whole crew so far

Inquisitor squad done up by mixing Imperial Guard troops and Space Marines with some Bretonian minis. All the symbol work is hand painted and the hoods are sculpted with greenstuff along with details like the eye monocles and crest symbols . Great looking squad... one of my favorites actually.

Ahh Seriphim... how I hate thee! It's bad enough that your kick ass but you have to look friggin mint on top of that! The flame sword was sculpted with greenstuff and the leader chick is something special too, just can't remember what(Hey Opie, explain whatever I get wrong or don't cover in the comments will ya)

It's not entirely done yet but who cares, the marble work on the hull is absolutely amazing! Props to him for erring on the right side of trial and error and using a awesome but simple technique to pull it off. The effect was achieved by dipping a crumpled up plastic bag in the paint and dabbing it on the hull!

His Sisters. I got to hand it to anyone who paints using white. It's damn hard to pull off but it's an easy feat for 'ol Kanopie :) The hoods are again sculpted from greenstuff :)

The Cannoness. You can really see how well he pulls off faces, eyes even lipstick effects... things I have a bitch of a time doing.

Pimpin ain't easy yo!

It's great to have a buddy that challenges your style of painting and uses other facets of the hobby that you would never use. It doesn't hurt that he's a great sport, great player and a great friend.

Well done Opie!

P.S. Do me a favor in the comments guys... bug him to finish this please!!! Ha! I've just sic'd the entire From the Warp community on you Opie!

Deal with that Batman!!!


Master Darksol said...

That marble effect is fantastic. Can you elaborate on how it's done, step by step? You mentioned a crumpled plastic bag?

TheMightyFlip said...

Those sisters are great, I'd really like to see a tutorial on how he did the hoods, and that flaming sister.

Great stuff.

The Inner Geek said...

I think he should finish these up... right after he writes you a step by step tutorial on that marble effect!

jabberjabber said...

Great paint work mate!

But where did you get that skull in the background from? - it looks very cool!

opiewan-kanopie said...

Heh. Skull and quite a bit of the terrain are probably available at your local Pet store.Thats where I got 'em.
Check the aquarium/terrerium department.

As for the marble; I'm thinkin of giving a Rhino a similar treatment (and then an Exorcist, and then a Land Raider... sigh) and will try to do a tutorial then. I paint on a geologic time frame tho, and have army ADD nearly as bad as ol' 25mm (his wife gave him that nick-name: true story)

The flame sister is a wood elf sorceress with her stupid hair sawn off, given a green stuff hood and some empire flagellent bits slapped on. She was originaly supposed to be was a bound witch for my inquisitor, but after I had modeled her and painted her I realized that bound witches are semi-useless. She generaly gets used as a serephim of some sort.

Anyways. Thanks for all ego-tickling

Siph_Horridus said...

Opiewan, great looking nuns-with-guns, loving the marble effect too. Just drill out your weapon barrels tho - it takes so much away from an otherwise great looking force!