Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Polls Are In and The Winner Is!!!

The Imperial Guard with Pinup Girls!!!

Before we get into anything else I want to thank everyone that voted and participated in deciding which way my army and blog should go. You guys rock and I appreciate all the interest you show this little slice of 40k blogging. The turnout with an unprecedented 72 votes floored me and shows everyone just how involved and supportive we all are to our hobby, gaming and each other...

Here's to ya! *gulp, beer....mmm*

Since the Imperial Guard are getting an overhaul with new minis and such I think it would be awesome to start with a small force. Combat patrol seems the perfect mission to toss brand new armies into the grinder seeing how they do and hold up. I came up with my own combat patrol list...

Imperial Guard 398pt Patrol Force

Troops-Infantry Platoon
-Junior Officer Squad: 40pts (1 Officer, 4 Guardsmen)
*Heavy Bolter Team: 10pts
*Vox Caster: 5pts

-Guardsmen Squad: 60pts (1 Sgt, 9 Guardsmen)
*Veteran Sgt Upgrade: +6pts
*Heavy Bolter Team: 10pts
*Vox Caster: 5pts

-Guardsmen Squad:60pts (1 Sgt, 9 Guardsmen)
*Veteran Sgt Upgrade: +6pts
*Heavy Bolter Team: 10pts
*Vox Caster: 5pts

-Guardsmen Squad:60pts (1 Sgt, 9 Guardsmen)
*Veteran Sgt Upgrade: +6pts
*Heavy Bolter Team: 10pts
*Vox Caster: 5pts

Fast Attack-Sentinel Squadron x2: 70pts
*Cadian pattern x 2: 30pts

Now the theme will be to have card suits painted on the Guardsmen shoulders and Pinup Girls on the vehicles. In this case the ladies will be pinned up on the Sentinels with the obligatory cursive writing underneath the decal. I found some great looking decals on ebay. Check em out at

I am interested to see how YOU! would do up a Imperial Guard combat patrol. If your a Guard player let me know how you handle your troops, if your tactics work and your Army Lists for 400pt Combat Patrol.

It will be a little bit of time to get it going. I'm gonna start with a Guardsmen box of troops here in a week or so and patiently wait for the new minis to show up on the store shelves so the force looks as up to date as possible. The ultimate goal is to have each platoon made up of troops from every Imperial Guard unit (the reason for that to be explained in a fluff blog coming up soon).

In the mean time I'll be posting more polls to see which direction you want the army to go, give a gander at some battle reports, show case Opiewans Sisters of Battle, Get my Ork painting tutorial up, make a bid for world domination, you know the usual here at The 25mm Warrior

Stay tuned fellas! More is yet to come!!!

P.S. My wife voted for me to save my money... *pish* YEAH RIGHT! *pish*


phdwargamer said...


Was following your vote. Voted for you to finish the orks as there is nothing more depressing than a half finished job, however, since the decision is made i thought i would add my two cents.

I'm not convinced on the guard from each regiment idea. I admit it sounds great but feel it will be incredibly difficult to stop the force looking incoherent. With this in mind, why not keep with the pin ups and cards and base your guard on a last chancer type regiment. Catachan jungle fighters with dirty cigars, pin up girls on the sentinels and tanks etc. This way you could make a really personalised army rich in conversion opportunities and oozing with meaty fluff.

Whatever you decide to do i will keep dropping in for a look.

All the best,

The 25mm Warrior said...

Thanks for those two cents PHD!

The idea is for them to look incoherent. Perhaps it will be better understood when I post the fluff piece on them. However as with all ideas that sound great but suck when implemented I could change it up at any minute. The nice thing is this can be done without changing the overall theme like you pointed out.

Thanks for dropping by and dropping me a comment. I agree, it could end up looking stupid but I want to give it a shot as I haven't seen it done before. I'll be posting polls with ideas to tap into the community on what you all think would be cool for these guys. I great one would be weather or not I should mix em up.

Thanks PHD!

opiewan-kanopie said...

Booo! Hssss! Recount! Reeeecount! Count it till the Orks win! Or Al Franken! Chad has dimples! And is hung!.. what?

I'm with phd (how do you pronounce that? fud?) on this one. Keep it to one or two types of troops, at least at first. The pin up girl thing is a cool enough theme without fluffing it any more. (heh. Your a Guard fluffer) Cadians as the bulk of your troops; mebbie some Catachans for that whole cigar smoker thing. Mordians perhaps as honor guard of some sort. I'd stay away from Voyaswhatever, guys in parkas running around with guys in tank tops? Like; WTF mate? Same with those Mongol guys. And Pratorians fall victim to the whole "big stupid hat syndrom" that infests eldar so badly.

Also I think the Flying Tiger, P-40 and P-51 heraldry stuff gel very nicely with the whole scheme.

Lord said...

A nice list, but a vox and a vet Sarge are redundant, as they both
give you LD 8. Unless you are getting a commisar and HSO, or a character, there is almost no point in a vox. Instead, spend them on Power Weapons for all officers, a steal at 5 points!

The list I run is

JO, P Weapon, 4x Flamers:69
Infantry, Vet, Heavy Bolter:76
Infantry, Vet, Heavy Bolter:76
Infantry, Vet, Heavy Bolter:76
2x Autocannon Sentinels:100

If you want, drop the sentinel, and add a rough rider squad, or some ratlings. If you do tho, upgrade the HB to Autocannons for the S7 against vehicles.

opiewan-kanopie said...

So I'm gonna be the guy that 25mm here will mostly be clashing with and have decided to do a Tau army. It will be a nice change from my usual Sisters, and Imps fighting nothing but Imps gets old.

Here is what I'm thinkin for my Tau combat patrol force:

-Fire Warrior Team (10 Shas'la w/ Pulse Rifles) 100 pts
-Devilfish Troop Transport (+2 Seeker Missles) 100 pts

Fast Attack
-Pathfinder Team (4 Shas'la) 48 pts
-Pathfinder Devilfish Transport (+2 Seeker Missles) 100 pts

-Shas'ui Dra'el :XV 8 Battlesuit
(Twin Linked Missle Pod, Targeting Array) 53 pts

Thas it; comes to 401 points.
Looking at how it stacks up against the Imps:
-3 heavy bolters have the potential to wipe any of my squads with one round of shooting, but their not very mobile. Their range is just as good as mine, so hitting them without getting hit back will be tricky. Upside is they don't pose much of a threat to my transports (FA 12 vs Str 5) Now if he changes that to an Autocannon... we have a problem.
-I'm outnumbered about 2 to 1, but it really looks like the only thing that can dent my Devilfish is those Sentinels. They get seeker missles first
-Assuming we have terrain Dra'el should be able to make a real nuisance of himself; dancing in and out of cover tossing some fairly accurate missles. I had considered equiping him with a burst cannon and flamer instead, for some decent anti-infatry action, but I can't see him getting close enough without getting cheesed.

The 25mm Warrior said...

Ha! Your stinking socialist/ communist pig troops are no match for the power of fascist, tyrant ruled infantry! (wow that sounds bad)

Remember my worthy opponent... this is just an initial list. The new codex will most likely shake things up a bit...


Lord said...

Opiewan, again, a solid list, and is a great addition to a 1000 point list. However, I have to say that a mix of high level units, combined with meatshields are the most effective.

For your list, you have two devilfish, and you only want to transport one squad. So the Second Devilfish is redundent. As 400 lists rely on late game objective grabs, or plain killing (CAP and Annihilation are the two missions), you should focus on that. Crisis suits are very strong in CP, but instead I would drop both devilfish, and the pathfinders, for an extra squad of Fire Warriors, another independant suit, so hopefully one of his units is distracted, and a Piranha.

The Piranha is generally a bad vehicle, but both them and land speeders are very good in CP, as there is almost nothing to stop them, and the armies don't have the weight of fire needed to eliminate them early.

The other great choice in CP is kroot, especially against guard, where they don't suffer any weaknesses. just castle up, with two fire warrior squad eliminating one IG squad a turn, and when things get hairy, send in the kroot to clean up.

Good Luck--Lord