Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Well nothing really.

Except of course if your using Confederate troops as a test for a uniform color scheme.

My uncle's real passion is historical wargaming. You name the era, the country, the battle he's got it and has done it. He has always been ready to play whatever game I've wanted. Growing up it started with Battletech and moved on to others in the realm of fantasy and science fiction. However I never played anything historical and he never pushed it on me.

Recently (and much with the advent of The Army Painter) I realized I really didn't care what I paint... I just want to play games. I am not a painter, I'm a gamer and with him moving away from me just on the horizon to a new life on the east now more than ever I find myself wanting to spend time with man who stepped in when my own father stepped out. So I went to him and told him I would play whatever... it didn't matter to me.

We chose the American Civil War.

As we sided up (him to the Union, myself to the Confederacy) I remembered a picture I saw of a Death Korp trooper. His uniform was gray and about the folds of the cloth it had a dingy, worn look. So I'm thankful I can try out my color scheme for my expensive Death Korp minis on my not so expensive Confederate troops and I think it turned out just fine.

Yeah we got Colonel Sanders from KFC right here baby!

You can see where the army painter makes the gray look dirty. Perfect I think for Death Korp

Used Krylon Matte Varnish on the whole lot of these troops but also on the flag that was cut out from a sheet of plasta-paper. Took the shine right off and you can see how well Krylon matte works just as well as the expensive stuff.

This guys pants turned out just the way I would want for Death Korp troops.

18 troops fully and completely painted and based in three days time. Why people don't use The Army Painter is beyond me.

Also I am happy to report that my first batch of Death Korp is on it's way...


Gavin Schofield said...

Really nice looking stuff there, the only problem is there are a few pools of the shade, especially on the colonels coat! One thing I'm trying out is using little pieces of toilet roll to remove excess quickshade, messy but seems to fix up splotches pretty well.

Can't wait to see your Death Korps. I've seen some grey Death Korps on here - http://www.golden-throne.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=11638 , might be helpful.

The 25mm Warrior said...

You rock Gav! Thanks for that link! I do believe I want mine to look a bit dirtier than that but that is the direction I'm going in. Thanks!

Yeah that stuff does pool and for some reason I dig it and I don't. It shades naturally but the pool on the coat is a bit much me thinks. I'll have to watch that in the future. I was using a cotton swab to get the excess but found that leaves cotton fibers stuck to the mini. You got any pics of one after you use toilet tissue?

The 25mm Warrior said...
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Gavin Schofield said...

Not yet, they're still sat on the side drying, when they are dry I'll matt them and then post them.

I've heard that using a brush to apply it stops it pooling as much, and leaves less mess - the problem is the shade messes up Sable brushes pretty well. I'm gonna' look in a hardware store and grab some mole hair brushes to try that out, I'm still actually dipping the models.

Another thing I've tried is painting a new coat of paint over the model when it's dry, which does work, although it's a lot of work.

Gavin Schofield said...

The Kroot are finished, which is where I used the toilet paper to wipe excess shade away. They;re posted on the front page of my blog at the moment if you want to look.

Kron said...

Wow those models look great! I bought the Army apinter dip myself a year ago but I can't get the corresponding matt varnish... I must look for local versions like you suggest.

I also would love to game ACW. My choice would be the Union, specifically the Irish Brigade. That said I do enjoy Bernard Cornwell's Starbuck Chronicles