Wednesday, June 24, 2009

You know all to often in our lives cool peeps cross our path and we never tell them what we think of them or what they do that makes an impact on us.

This blog is a shout out blog and I want to know which blog in the From The Warp community has influenced you in some positive way. It doesn't have to be just one it can be as many as you like. Anything that has entertained you, improved you as a gamer, made you a better player, influenced your own blog etc. Hopefully we'll get a nice mix that will tell others of the great bogs out there and to check em out!

Now don't be shy. Here I'll start. There are three blogs that have really helped me grow in just about all facets of my hobby. The first being Miks Minis ( What doesn't this guy do? His blog has everything. From painting tips to conversions to movie reviews to secrets of the universe to the Colonels secret recipe, I mean you name it this guy has it somewhere on his site. The eclectic jumble of games that peppers his posts makes me know there are kindred spirits out there who can't just do one game or one miniature but have a drive and passion to do it all. Not to mention he is a nice guy who goes out of his way to leave great comments. If these is a blog who I aspire for mine to be like the most it's Miks Minis. Thanks Mik, you rock bro!

The second is With my uncle here I wouldn't even now what gaming is and without his blog I know I wouldn't have one at all. He taught me to paint, taught me to play, always told me games are cool but if you can get a date with a hot chick game night can wait. Ever since I can remember I've been watching him do this stuff and there is no one who has influenced my hobby more. Thank you Uncle Dave!

The third is our HQ, the club hub, the head big leader cheese grand master general of all From The Warp forces. Come on now, Ron is really a given but props and lovin have to be shouted out to the guy who brings us together and gets us noticed the most. Not to mention I really enjoy his emails that keep me up to date on what he's doing and for his collaborative posts that get us all working together on a common topic.

See how easy it is? So come on, which blog influences/ inspires you the most and why. Send some props out today!


Tristan said...

A year of frugal gaming
Eagles View
Lone Pilgrim
Mik's Minis
Santa Cruz Warhammer
Sons of Twilight

Have all provided tons of inspiration.

bG said...

Gotta have FtW - it got me to most of the 200+ blogs I now follow, and I love the community it builds with joint posts

One name that jumps out is Drax - his blog is always worth a read

There are others, but I forget the names - too many great blogs out there

Master Darksol said...

Way of Saim Hann
From The Warp
Chicago Terrain Factory
Admiral Drax

Those are the ones that inspired me to do my own.

Paul Wu said...

I'd like to mention 2 blogs that I really enjoy reading that haven't been mentioned yet:

The 42nd Cadian
The Painting Corps

Dictator said...

Admiral Drax
42 cadian
Tave Talyors' Blog.

25mm Warrior

From the Warp

Cadian 8th Standard

Col. Gravis' Imperial Guard

So many more blogs to that inspire me like the ones above.

M said...

Stumpy Heaven
Warhammer Fantasy Battle Tabletop Gaming - and all the other Blogs Sigmar does
Glued My Fingers
On the Painting Table

These ones inspired me and continue to insipre me.

Toxin616 said...

I'd have to say,

The Painting Corps.

They just have really awesome tutorials, that have helped me out so much as a painter

For Gaming it have to say its a Tie with

Way of Saim-Hann


Black Matt's Black Legion Blog

i think both are just awesome and good for a bit of a laugh.

Fritz has a quirky play style that's quite unique.

And you just have to throw Ron in there for starting FtW.

Admiral Drax said...


Some inspired me; some I just love to read.

Col. Gravis,
Fallen 73rd (Unforgiven Angels),
The Inner Geek,
Master Darksol,
Col. Corbane,
Mordian 7th,
Pathfinder and
Itkovian at Not Yet Done.

And thanks, chaps!