Wednesday, June 10, 2009

So Long Blood Angels...

To start, a pre-script...

When I first started out with the Space Marines I had originally intended to do Ultra Marines. Seeing how well The Army Painter did and their tutorial on how to paint up an Ork I order the red primer. Since I'm an impatient fellow I painted up one of my Orks while waiting for the red primer to show up and realized that I didn't need the red primer. So here I am with a can of red primer, strong tone dip and a bunch of unpainted marines.

Ok, I'll just do Blood Angels.

Then I discovered after I painted them that Blood Angels have their own codex and they are primarily a close assault force. Looking over my list I had just painted up a Blood Angels shooty force.


Now the force I have has been a great training bra. They've taught me the game and they have played decently but I think it's time for me to part with them. I don't want to have to spend more money on more marines and more red primer. It's like I'm doing the army all over again. Besides if I ever really wanted to do them again it only takes a little over a week to get a painted Blood Angels force going again.

Then there is a question of gaming.

I really only play against Opiewan and he has been working on his Sisters for the better part of ten years (and they still arn't fully painted yet!). I mean really, how many Imperium on Imperium games can you play?


So over the next couple of days I'm just gonna ebay my Blood Angels. They've taught me how to play but I think our time together has come to an end.

Now I got to figure out what army I really want to do... maybe it's back to the Orks for me :) The problem is when I look at the 40k armies they all appeal to me and they all repulse me in some way. I want what every 40k gamer wants though, an army I can really get into and collect for a long time (would be awesome to eventually do an apocalypse game some day).

I guess I just haven't found my niche yet.

Chalk it up to a noobie feeling his way around a vast universe and stubbing his toe.

So long Blood Angels!


Docrailgun said...

The BAs can be whatever you want them to be. Yes, they have assault elements that are powerful (DC Furioso Dreads, Assault squads as troops), but I've had plenty of success with shooty tac squads with plasma cannons, Whirlwinds, and of course the ultimate shooty tank: the Baal Predator. Not much short of the new Leman Russ Punisher (Heavy 20) puts out as much firepower as a Baal.

The 25mm Warrior said...


Mik said...

Don't worry about the BA codex if you like the look of them. I run a Dark Angels army, but I use the new Space Marine codex and just call them 'Dark Angels' (and have access to all the cool new stuff).

One of our players has been bringing Orcs to the table lately, and I love them; their look, their wacky tactics...I just don't want to paint them all!