Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Pizza Box & Popsicle Sticks...

Opiewan has been a long time fan of Mordheim. Now I believe that part of being a good friend is doing what they want to do from time to time. As a gamer I have my alliances (to say I have games I already play) and money is really the only factor that keeps me from grazing the green pastures of other games out there. I know I put so much effort into one game I don't want those efforts wasted on something that may or may not stick.

But then again who cares?

I'm a gamer and in reality I'll play anything. I already have my 1000 point trainer bra force to learn 40k (a Blood Angel cross your heart support bra at that) so while I figure out what direction I'm gonna go with my main 40k love why not see what else is out there.

Not like I'm married to my Marines...


So when Mordheim came up I was immediately intrigued at the setting. A ruined city? I've always wanted to do one of those and an entire game done in a small version of one with a small Warband force seemed like a refreshing change from the overwhelming atmosphere miniature gaming can take on (painting hordes and hordes of troops and all that).

8-12 dudes and your done.


So last night I looked over at a pizza box. Then I grabbed some small Popsicle sticks, white glue, clippers, ruler and a razor and voila!
I'll have do do up a blog showing step by step what I did.

On a bummer note I accidentally erased my visitor tracker and can't find where I got it...


Post, umm post: Found my tracker. Got it from Man I was bummed there for a sec. Thought I lost my whole blog traffic history. Thanks for helping out guys!


Akenseth said...

Awesome. I'm a big fan of terrain that is made from materials that would otherwise get thrown away.

Ranger Rob said...

Very Nice! I too use a bunch of Junk when building terrain. Those little wooden sticks used to stir coffee are a great find and work well at the 28mm scale.

Cyborg Trucker said...

Did you have one from I like their visitor tracker.

Max said...

Very nice use of materials. I think my site meter is from... well, and is ok.

Mik said...

Yeah, great buildings and all (resize your pics!), but what happened to your free market, internet ad power to the people posts! Preach it, brother!