Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Fathers Day Present!!!

So my family, knowing of my ailing eyes (along with the rest of me it feel like) and wanting to help my seeming worsening blurry vision, got me one of these...

Man what a difference! My eyes don't hurt while I paint anymore. The white light floods around and is so natural it absolutely eliminates eyestrain. Not to mention the light improves the pictures that my wife so loving takes of all my minis. See for yourself...

Icky light

Nice, good, comfortable white light

Heh yes that Ork is the latest in my bold attempts at conversion. While playing Dawn of War I heard an Ork shout "Up Yours!!!" I wonder if I could make an "Up Yours!!!" Ork.

Looks like I can :)
(Good primer job too)

Nothing beat my sons card to me though. In it he wrote for me to go to the game store and get whatever I wanted. Now what kind of daddy would I be if I didn't listen to my own dear boy?

A huge I love and appreciate you to my Wife, Son, Mom and Dad for being loving and supportive enough to help me along in my hobby (and making it easier on the 'ol eyes)

For you Dads out there I hope your fathers day was filled with love and cool swag like mine was.

And if your not a dad...

"Go find a wench. Raise fat babies, live a good long life." -Porthos

Of course do that so your can get some lovin and cool swag.

Happy Fathers Day!!!


Mik said...

Nice, happy father's day chief!