Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A High Elf For A Low, Low Price

I'm a big fan of test models. After all who wants to put up his expensive force to the whims of a paint scheme that might not end up looking right.

Thankfully my local game store has an extensive bitz/loose miniature bins with plastics for fifty cents and metal ones for a dollar. Now most of the stuff in there is crap but every now and again you'll find nice little gems. The Eldar a couple of posts down was from those bins.

Since 'ol Opie and I are eying Mordheim (a game he has wanted to play for years) I wanted to see what I could pull off here.
The Shadow Warriors list looked really cool so I scoured the bins looking for a High Elf fig. Since these guys are outcasts and are "shadow" guys I wanted to go with a darker look than the traditional High ELf. Not only did I find a High Elf fig but the bottom of his base says "1984!" The sculpt was super easy to paint and cheap too (remember, plastics are only fifty cents!). I mainly used codex gray for the robes instead of the usual white for High Elves to make him "shadowy." This is also the first time I've ever just painted the miniature as it. No primer. The paint seemed to go on smoother this way and it kept the color tone down a bit since this minis base coat is essentially just the plastic. Again this supports the dark tone of the figure I was aiming for.

And of course he's dipped in TAP. I wanted to use the strong tone to make him look dirty (can't imagine an outcast faction would look very clean). After the dull coat was applied TAP works wonders on the gems making them look shiny as if you actually painted em!

He was a fun little mini to paint and I'm looking forward to more of em. Heh it would rock if I could form my whole warband from those bins. I'd save a tone of money!


Mik said...

Good luck on your Mordheim venture, I hear it's a blast. The elf looks good too, and the plus side is you only need about 8-10 more in all.

The 25mm Warrior said...

Right... the less minis the better!

Gavin Schofield said...

Nice paint scheme, terrible model! Make sure you get some good high elf models, paint them and then post them!

Ragados said...

That figure brings back memories! They were the elven archers from the first fantasy box I ever got! It was elf archers and spears against goblin archers and spears... I lost count on the number of times I stepped on won of those b**ta*ds in the middle of the night!
I love the paint uob, it works really well.

Alex said...

I love those old figures and definitely am a fan of the paintjob you've pulled off. Which shade of TAP did you use here? And did you use the dip or the brush-on method with TAP here?

The 25mm Warrior said...

Thanks Alex!

I dipped em... I always dip. The brush on method I use for bog stuff like tanks and such. I've just found that dipping gets better coverage.

Oh and I use the strong tone quickshade