Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The other half of the Flames of War starter set came with a couple of German tanks.
I had to eyeball these ones for their paint scheme. For the U.S. troops I had picked up there recommended paints at the local swag dealer. I did that before I went out and got the stater set and after the Sherman tanks painted up so quickly I decided to give these guys a go.
The pics of these looked like a desert yellow. Since I didn't have the Vallejo color the paint guide called for I decided to go with GWs Desert Yellow. Problem was in most of the pics I was seeing the base coat either looked darker or greenish. That was no problem really knowing The Army Painter would darken it up some as the dip dried on it.
The Part that really scared me was the camo job on em. I've never been able to pull off camo right. It looks like camo should have a real fluid look to it on the mini with the colors blending into each other. Camo jobs on other miniatures I've seen pull this off nicely. When I would do it however it clearly looked like I just painted stripes on the damn thing. So this time around after I had zebra'd the tank up well I drybrushed a lighter shade of the base coat (Desert Yellow with a drop of Bleached Bone) over the stripes. I tried to take care to do this around the edges of the camo pattern while glazing over the stripes hoping that would blend it all together. While it worked better than any other camo job I had ever done it still feels like it could be better.

Does anyone out there have some good tips for doing up camo or know of a link to someones blog that talks about it?


Hudson said...

For a 3-tone camo, I base in the mid tone, stipple the lightest tone using a large drybrush, then outline the light stripe by stippling the dark tone using a small drybrush.