Thursday, March 18, 2010


"Whatever you do, don't choose a complicated scheme like me, you'll be painting them for years. Dip and drybrush are the key my friend." -Col. Corbane

Dip and drybrush are my M.O. yo!

I guess the Colonel doesn't know me very well yet:)

For those of you that have been following my blog for a bit you know I hate painting, love playing! Painting gets in the way of me having fun! I bought 40K to play it, not spend a ton of time painting and then maybe in a few years I'll get around to a decent looking game. NO! I want to play damnit!

And I want my force to look decent.

The Army Painter is a Godsend. You still spend some time painting but it cuts about 80% of the time out. With a force like Guardsmen it really is convenient.

I've always digged Cadians. The uniforms, vehicles, models, I mean there really isn't a whole lot not to like with the Imperial Guard range, look and feel. Even the original color of the uniforms is awesome. The dark green meshed with a dark khaki or desert yellow is stunning on a force the size of a Guard army. The uniform reminds me of old WWII color schemes U.S. soldiers used to wear.

Never the less the paint scheme is hard to pull off. I tried it a bit and could never get the models to look even close to how GW had em. It would always look either too dark or too light. In either case the figure came out looking like a failed attempt to emulate the Cadians homeworld color.

Thats when fate intervened...

I had a bit of experience using The Army Painter Primers before but this time I needed something that would be spot on for that tricky Khaki/desert yellow looking fatigues that Cadians are known for. I looked at pic after pic, comparing it to the GW paint line trying to see what would work. GW says to use their Desert yellow paint but if you know anything about how The Army Painter works the last stage of Quick Shading will darken whatever color I decide to go with.

So I took a gamble. The uniform appeared to took like a dark bone color. I went back to The Army Painter website and compared their Skeletons with pic of the Cadians from Gamesworkshop.

Sure enough I think I found a close match for what I wanted.

At least I hope I did or I was out 30 bucks (ahhh the trial and error process of painting).

As you can see the coverage is very nice and it didn't take much of the primer to get complete coverage of the mini. Heed my advice though...


A steady spray is too much in using this stuff and can quickly cake on the paint on the miniature, covering up detail. The heavy pigmented primer is a little tricky to get used to but as you can see the coverage is awesome. Even the cans top is pretty spot on to what the color will look like on your figure.


So for this tutorial I'll be painting five Guardsmen.

I hope this little tutorial/journal will show you just how easy it is to use this product and get your force on to the tabletop quickly (and looking fantastic to boot!)

Tune in next time for some basecoating action!



sovietspace said...

It's good stuff isn't it! :p

I've long been a sold fan of the army painter stuff, and I'm glad your spreading the word. Are you going to dip these guys eventually, or do them the old fashioned way?

The 25mm Warrior said...

Oh yeah man... they are headed for some serious dipping action!

It's gonna be a 5 part tutorial (i don't know if its really a "tutorial," more like a how to journal. I mean really, this technique isn;t hard at all)

Next is basecoating, then dipping, then primering (is that a word? IT IS NOW YO!) and then basing.