Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I've never done it before... and as I do it I'm well aware just WHY I've never done it before.

My Imperial Guard force has well over 30 miniatures in it and I've only just begun the drudgery of scraping off mold lines off my troopers with a razor blade. Luckily I haven't sliced my fingers... yet.

Still with all this time on my hands I figured I might as well do it. When I sold my Blood Angels army Ron himself was interested in buying it until he inquired if I had taken the mold lines off the Marines. Since I hadn't he passed on the buy. Still it was a huge complement for me. It's no mystery that Ron is an accomplished painter and modeler and he thought my work was worth buying? Yeah, my head inflated (thanks Ron!).

Still this whole new aspect to my modeling is boring so I was wondering...

What do you do to pass through the time when aspects of your 40k hobby get boring?


Well I watch war movies (Saving Private Ryan, Gods and Generals, Glory, Starship Troopers) or listen to talk radio (Coast to Coast AM is always a riot). Lately though as I scrape the evidence of mass production from my figs I've been watching Mystery Science Theater 3000. I find it provides some much needed laughter amid the mind numbing repetition.

Besides, Tom Servo rocks yo!

So what do you do when your scraping, filing, cutting, pinning, gluing, converting (I'm running out ing's here)?

Cheers mates!


Chris said...

Mostly listening to podcasts, or watching something not too taxing on the TV.

scdarkangel said...

I listen to a police scanner, and try to work in smaller lots or squads, so you can see the progress and move on the next step.

Please use a pin file for mold lines and snips to unsprue, I have a nice scar on my finger from a hobby knife that I got as a young modeler.

Santa Cruz Warhammer

Warhammer39999 said...

I just listen to whatever TV program the wife has turned on. Typically it's some cheesy Sci-fi flick, but it doesn't matter as it's little more than background noise for me.