Friday, March 26, 2010

A Ruined City In Two Days

Rome may not have been built in a day but I razed this bad boy in in about 48 hours...

Man I got my work cut out for me...

My back is killing me.

I bit the bullet and ordered a Ruined Sector, craters and twelve city barricades. At first I was a bit miffed. The Ruined Sector showed up in a box... the shipping box. All the was in there was a bunch of loose sprues. The pretty package that the GW website had displayed wasn't there, just a Fed Ex box with a bunch of stuff in it. I can picture the employee looking at my order and saying something like this...

"Hey Mac... we got another order for a Ruined Imperial Sector again."

"Oh man, you serious? We're all out."

"Well, we do have a bunch of loose sprues laying about. Why don't you go gather a bunch up and throw em in a Fed Ex box. No one needs the exact packaging anyway."

"Um ok."

If I'm gonnna shell out ninety bucks for something, it better come in the package on the site. Not to mention I've seen this item in my local game store IN A PACKAGE! WITH THE PICTURE ON IT AND STUFF! SO I KNOW IT COMES IN A PACKAGE!

I'm not really mad... it just threw me off and made me feel GW didn't really care.

The models on the other hand are awesome! The kits are fully customizable and you can make whatever you want out of em. As per usual I got a grip of bits left over too (which is always a plus).
Some IG boys in the middle of being base coated for part 2 of my Army Painter Cadian tutorial.

Even as I type this I'm pretty racked. Back is stiff, arm is sore. I guess there really is no avoiding it, I'm jacked up and my hobby will always hurt from now on. Maybe I should just cool it, pace myself only I've never been that way. You have to do things in spite of the pain, fight it as you go along. Now when I paint, model, whatever, there is a lot more going on than gluing and dipping.

Man, why can't this crap come painted :(


jabberjabber said...

Amazing work rate mate! Your hands must be blistered! I guess if it all came pre-assembled and painted it wouldn't be as much fun.

TheMightyFlip said...

Very nice stuff there mate, and GW doesnt care other than to get your money!!

Col. Corbane said...

That's an impressive amount of scenery for such a short amount of time. Nice one mate.

sovietspace said...

Very well done on getting this completed so quickly!

Where do you live, can I come play you? :P