Friday, March 26, 2010

Now if you have no clue what I'm talking about go check out our fearless leaders blog post What Should I Post About.

I'ts cool I can wait... really go check it yo! I need to put some Rush on anyway.

Back? Right on.

This post really hit home for me. The opening sentence is what did it, "When you decided to start your blog, did you think about it then or were you just hoping it would come to you later on once you got started?"

Rons post may have been some commentary about how to get rid of bloggers block, finding your own voice, etc but it struck a different cord with me. It made me sit back and think about where I've been and where I'm going blogwise. Now this blog is about wargaming and 40k in particular. Because of this Rons post made me stop and look at where my hobby has been and gone to in the time I've been doing it.

I've mentioned before that I'm in pain a lot. The pain stems from injuries I received in the Military and pain glazes over everything I do... including my wargaming. As a matter of fact for a long time I would shy away from it. Pain got the best of me and I gave into it. It became easy to do too. I had lost my job anyway, had to sell my miniatures to make ends meet. Even before that though my buddy would call up, wanting to game, wanting to hang out...

I just made up some excuse.

Here I'll give you an example. Imagine your sitting in a comfortable Lazyboy chair. Your paint tray rests in your lap and a fresh Command Squad from your army lays about it. You start to go to work. Maybe you'll paint, or put some models together or clean em or whatever. The all of a sudden your back hurts. A slight ache that begins to spread down your arm so you stop for a sec, raise you head to see whats on the TV. You go back to it then all of a sudden your foot writhes in pain. You leg jerks from it knocking paints pots around. You take some pain killers and a hour later the edge is gone but now your vision is blurry (damn side effects). Now you can't see what your doing so you get up to get a drink and fall over from the pressure on your foot because you have to walk on your scars from a surgery that was supposed to fix all this mess...

I'm so sore right now from putting model buildings together in a Lazyboy chair. It doesn't help that I lean heavy on a cane with my right hand to walk. I'm right handed thus the arm and back problems when I do this stuff. Not to mention moving around a game table...ugg.

Geeze I'm jacked up from putting models together?

See why I love The Army Painter so much?

This blog has become much more than a wargame hobby journal to me. It is a chronicle of my fight with pain and an ever growing struggle to not let it take anything else away from me. My injuries have consummed too much from me and I'm hellbent to not let it take my beloved hobby as well. Gaming maybe painful for me now but I struggle on, in spite of it. I never would have thought I would grunt, cuss, stiffen and be overcome with pain because of my hobby but thats the hand I was dealt.

and that's what I post about now.

Thanks Ron.