Thursday, April 1, 2010


Can you paint by the numbers?

Great! Then The Army Painter is going to be no problem for you!

It's not hard to see what I've done here. Just a simple base coating job. I stayed pretty faithful to the classic Cadian color scheme...

Catachan Green for armor plating and lasgun.

Boltgun Metal for the metal parts of the lasgun.

Skull White for the eagles.

Chaos Black for the boots and knife.

Elf Flesh for, umm... flesh

Pretty simple and straight forward. However if your gonna follow this guide expect the Catachan Green to be a bit of a bother. It took a couple of coats to get it to look even and smooth. Actually it slowed me down quite a bit which was a little discouraging. I was hoping for a fast paint job. Given the small color pallet and The Army Painter primer I used in part one I was a bit shocked at how long the five man team took. Maybe it's the primer or the paint (or just that I paint slow now cuz of my injuries). Never the less it ruined my hopes for a fast paint job.

Since the paint was forcing me to slow down I decided to do a highlight job as well. Now I know the whole deal with "Extreme Highlighting." Problem is I can't paint a straight line to save my life. I do what I call "Drybrush Highlighting.


The picture doesn't do it justice (I suck at taking pictures. Where's my wife when I need her). Still the highlights on the minis were done first by doing a drybrush of Camo Green on the edges. Do this a few time to build up the color. Finish it off with a light drybrush of Bleached Bone over the Camo Green work you just did. Don't sweat it if you spill over the drybrush onto the flat pieces of the model. I ended up doing the whole model with the Bleached Bone drybrush. It looked pretty good. A better example of drybrush highlightging can be seen on this BattleMech I was screwing around with awhile back.


The highlights were done strictly by just drybrushing the whole model with Bleached Bone. It made the edges look sharp and saved me a ton of time trying to paint lines on my mini. It also softened the color which was nice because the purple was way to dark.

It's strange that a sloppy technique like drybrushing ends up making straight highlights on the miniature.

Go figure.

Tune in next time for some dipping action!

Cheers mates!