Tuesday, April 13, 2010

First Turn Mayhem: Game Night 4/12/10

It's six in the A.M. and the dust is just about settling.

Me and my two best gaming buds, Opie-Wan and JubieX (more on JubieX in later posts) battled it out all night. My Imperial Guard Vs. Opie's Tau and JubieX's Daemon Hunters. With 500 pts each we all set out to wipe each other off the face of the galaxy.

Here are the intel photos taken by the servitors.

Set up before game one vs. the Tau and just minutes before the unthinkable happened.

Imperial Guard brace themselves from the incoming xenos scum.

Image of a Fire Warrior team, Kroot and Battlesuit sent back from a servitor. Servitors whereabouts unknown.

A Master of Ordinance spys an enemy transport and calls in a direct hit Artillery Ordinance blast. Strength 9, AP 3, Ordinance Barrage goodness rains down upon the Tau like fire pored forth from the Emperors Wrath... all on turn one.

One lone Tau stands defiantly after his entire Fire Warrior Team and transport are laid waste. Opie-Wan was pissed :)

So the kroot and Crisis Suit showed up next turn. The Kroot managed to take out a squad of Guardsmen while the rest of my forces hammered three wounds into the Suit, blowing it up.

Opie-Wan conceded.

The second game against JubieXs Daemon Hunters was the match I was waiting for. My 500 pt list had been fashioned to be against MEQ and I was eager to see how I would hold up.

By turn three JubieX had enough of the MOO (Master of Ordinance) and deep strike'd his Gray Knight right into their position with a bulls eye. That screwed up my movement pretty bad since my squads were moving in to pincer the last remaining Storm Trooper squad. That one move changed the entire pace of the game.

My squads reposition themselves for the coming Gray Knights

The last of the Strom Troopers watch as the Imperial Guard squads scramble to react to the onslaught of the Gray Knights.

By the end of the game JubieX had one kill point to my two causing the win to go to me. I got to say I'm very pleased at how my Guardsmen did matched up to MEQ's and Tau. It defenitly made me look at my list and see some things I need to change. All in all though they did exactly what I wanted them to do.

Good games Opie-Wan and JubieX!


opiewan-kanopie said...

Nothing like having a Str 9 pie-pan take half your force off the board in the first shot of the first turn by a 30 point guy who dosen't need line of sight.

Yea. I was a little miffed.

Perhaps it was just terrible luck, or perhaps it balances out in larger point games, but that Master of Ordinance definitely left my sphincter chafed.

The 25mm Warrior said...

Lol and lol

Gyro said...

Nice batrep, good pics, solid writeup; keep them coming.

Oh, and I know I'm spamming you with comments, but dang, you've been AWOL!

The 25mm Warrior said...

Dude, spam on man! I've missed having ya around yo!