Sunday, April 11, 2010

Basilisk Blues



Ok... I feel better.

No I don't.

This model was a nightmare. None of the pieces fit together. Either the holes were too small or too big. That really caused a problem when assembling the cannon. If I had just left the model as is the cannon would have been loose and unable to have a fixed angle position. Instead I had to do this...
And this...
The glue job took, umm I don't know.... TWO HOURS!!! This model just didn't want to cooperate. The angle I had to glue the cannons sides at caused the glue to unbind time after time again. My fingers were cramped and indented after.

But that wasn't the worst of it.


Anyone see anything wrong with this picture?

The heavy bolter is missing!!!

I looked over the sprues a bunch of times and nothing. Did GW forget to add the bit? It really confused me because the instructions show, you guessed it, a heavy bolter.
Now this is the new Basilisk kit that just came out. The kit had a heavy flamer but no heavy bolter. So I decided to call Games Workshop and was informed that the new Basilisk kit does not come with a heavy bolter!


Since when does a kit not come with a slew of weapon options? Not to mention the dang instructions SHOW A HEAVY BOLTER!!! Here's a close up.

The good news is I sweet talked the Games Workshop guy into kicking me down a heavy bolter only this was bitter sweet. He only agreed to do that after I informed him of all the money I've spent on my Imperial Guard army. It did't matter that the instructions showed a heavy bolter or that all the other kits came with weapon options (thus having the customer expect said slew of weapon options) or that the box does not say what comes in the box. Still the guy was cool and reminded me this was a one time thing.

So if your getting the new Basilisk kit don't expect a heavy bolter.

Now I want to know if anyone else out there has any similar nightmare Games Workshop experiences.

Misery truly loves company.


Sean said...

The new Bassie kit seriously does not come with the default weapon options? That is bullshit, if you'll pardon my French. Even nerd rage for our terrible, overpriced hobby aside, there's no excuse for something like that. It's like opening a box of Marines to discover that they don't come with Bolters anymore.

The 25mm Warrior said...

Amen and amen brother. Preach on!!!

the other Kevin said...
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the other Kevin said...

Now we know the reason GW still includes the accessory kit with the new Bassie. Without it, you'd have no hull weapon at all!

Col. Corbane said...

I did wonder why they kept the accessory kit with the new bassy and not the russ, hellhound or chimera kits. I does take the mick a bit, especially considering they upped the price aswell.