Friday, April 23, 2010

Cadian Rough Rider Conversion

So I grabbed a Space Marine Scout Bike and went to town. Most the the scout parts themselves lent to a bike rider look.

The bigger shoulder pads, wrist guards, extra stuff on the boots all add to what you would think a bike rider would have... a bit of extra armor. The skulls were perfect since the Cadian regiment of my 147th Imperial Legion is identified by a skull. The only real change to the model is the Cadian torso and head used to make this model seem Guard-ish rather than Marine-ish.

Now the model did require some tweaking. The arms had to be just right in proportion to how the torso bit fits on the legs. Not impossible but it is a bit messy. The end look though is pretty right on I think.

The lance was the big thing here. I scoured Warhammer minis looking for one but there weren't any I liked. So I ended up hacking a ladder from the Imperial Sector I got The tip and wiring is from the light posts. Then there was the issue of where it was going to go on the mini. Holding it looked a bit awkward with the arms bitz I had. Since these minis are assaulty and the likely hood of these guys surviving is minimum, fixing the lance on the bike itself seemed like a good route to go. A finishing touch of hacking off the front light and replacing it with an eagle and stowage to cover up the hack job was all this piece needed to finish it off.

I'm sure there are more detail orientated converters our there that will take more time with it but you all know me... I'm about speed. I'm stoked that with a minimum amount of effort my Rough Riders now fit into my Cadian army.


Master Darksol said...

This looks really good. I had pretty much the same idea for when I got around to my Cadian rough-riders. It's really cool to see it played out already! ;)

The only differences I had in mind were to remove the front plate entirely (they don't have the +1T like normal bikers), and to have them hold the lance (using the platoon command standard bearer arms)

Col. Hessler said...

Looking good so far. The scout bike is an excellent choice. I could never quite get into the horse, myself.


Inquisitor M said...

man i love this conversion. i have seen a couple of rough rider bikers before but this guy is the best. i really love the lance great little idea there. i never would have thought of that

The 25mm Warrior said...

Thanks guys... really nice feedback.

I was iffy on the lance but with your kind words Inquisitor M I think I'll keep em.