Friday, April 2, 2010


Time for my Guardsmen to take the plunge!
Now dipping is self explanatory however there are a few hints to doing it...

First make sure you have some mean grip pliers. It comes in handy when you start to ring out the excess. Make sure you have an iron grip on them too. There is still a Tyranid somewhere outside that flew off the pliers a long time ago. Also...


Dipping the mini once will give it all the coverage it needs. It seems that once it have been dipped and re-dipped (like accidentally dropping the poor mini in the Quick Shade) it darkens the color significantly. Now if your looking for a darker brown or some kind of middle between The Army Painters tones of shade then more power to ya. However it is a real bummer once you have been doing this to an entire squad and you double dip the last one and he looks different from the rest now (not that I'm speaking from experience or anything :).

Now after you got em all dipped and have ringed em out (your arm should be hurting at this point. If it's not your doing something wrong!) let em sit for about five minutes. After that its time to clean em up a bit.
The Army Painter website tells us to use a brush to soak up the excess that will pool up in the crevices. However the dip ruins paint brushes and the only way to fix em is to have some Turpentine handy (it breaks up the Quick Shade). I found that a tooth pick works just as well. Just gently roll the tooth pick across any area where there is too much dip and it will stick onto the pick. NEVER EVER USE A Q-TIP!!!. The tiny fibers will get stuck onto the mini and your mini will look like he has a hair problem.

That's pretty much it for dipping pointers. Tune in next time for some Anti-Shine Magic!



Tristan said...

Another item I've seen recommended to use for wiping off excess dip is a make up sponge. Now to save yourself the embarrassment of having to go to the drug store and buy some ladies make up stuff - just use the foam that comes in blister packages.

The 25mm Warrior said...

Ahh... that is a good idea. I wonder if the foam in the blisters would leave splotches though instead of a smooth finish. A ladies make-up sponge may do just the trick.

Tristan said...

I haven't noticed any splotching, it's worth giving them a go considering how many we all probably have and how easy they are to come by (excuse to buy blisters? yes please!)