Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sup Warp junkies!

So I was thinking about my earlier post about followers and I've decided to do something about it! While we can't always comment or even have anything worthwhile to add to the conversation at someone blog, we can still follow em. You remember the thrill of having a new blog and having someones name pop up under your "followers." It's a buzz, a literary high and encourages all of us as we blog on about our hobby.

Every Sunday I'm going to post the top five blogs I've found during the week that I think should have more followers but (for some reason) don't. Everyone out there loves getting new followers and these blogs should get a dose of From The Warp lovin too.

So here they are... the first batch of SUNDAYS TOP FIVE BLOGS THAT NEED FOLLOWERS!!!

Some really cool green stuff work going on here.

Really nice looking Black Templars and some historical bi planes to boot.

Wow! An entire Mordian IG army! Why does that only have 25 followers? The dough this guy has to shell out alone for his troops warrants some serious attention!

A brand new blog and this guy is holding his own "Pay It Forward" contest. Nice going Noob!

Blood Angels and Blood Bowl... with nice looking paint jobs.

Thanks for looking at the post and taking the time to show your fellow bloggers in Warp country that you care. This blog will be back next week with five more blogs that deserve more attention than their getting... Cheers!


Ranger Rob said...

Thanks Warrior! Great idea, I know there are a bunch of great blogs out on the web I have yet to discover.

As for the 95th, I've had the Mordian's since 2nd edition, but didn't paint them up until last year.
They have been a blast to play with. Now I've been adding to the force, with character models and some new vehicles.

see yah out there.

Joe Gekko said...

Thanks for the nod!

Wienas said...

Cool idea. Thanks for the heads up.

Sytus said...

Excellent idea, my friend! I shall be checking up on this regularly.

The 25mm Warrior said...

Thanks for the interest guys... you peeps rock yo!

woroxon said...

Congratulations on a great idea. I have already started to follow them all.

The 25mm Warrior said...

Thanks W. Nice to have people around that "get it" and want to spread the luv around.

E said...

Great idea!

Should be a good help for us little guys.