Monday, April 19, 2010

War Game Music Playlist!

No one plays war games without some mood music and we here at The 25mm Warrior are no exception (and if you play your games without music then... sigh). You got to be careful though. This is war! Not just any old music will do. You need something that to you personifies in your ears what being played out on the table.

For example...

Opie-Wan and I started playing 40K well over a year ago. At the start of the game we would put on Pandora radio and without fail "Rock Me Like A Hurricane" would come on right when we started playing. Now it's tradition. At the start of a game there the Scorpions are, singing us into the fight. Pandora is cool too cuz all you got to do is type in what band you like or a song and it forms a radio station tailored to that type of music. I usually make a Guns and Roses station and ACDC, Metalica etc pop up. It makes the playlist for you.

So here are some suggestions of bands and song you can input into Pandora and get a station that will carry you through all six turns of table top mayhem.

-Iron Maiden "Trooper"
-Linkin Park "Across This New Divide"
-Metalica "One"
-ACDC "Thunderstruck"
-Guns N' Roses "You Could Be Mine"

I think you get the point.

Cheers Mates!


CommissarHarris said...

A good Idea. I've always wanted to play with John Bergen's "Music for Hammering by" but for one reason or another we never play somewhere where there is a sound system

Gavin Schofield said...

I've just finished a game listening to nothing but In Flames - actually fits really well!

The 25mm Warrior said...

Heh, sweet!

Gyro said...

We stick it on "Stoner Rock" genre and just let it ride. Long, low songs that really fit the battle.

Magnified Eye
The Sword

The 25mm Warrior said...

Yes Gyro! You know what I mean bro... heh you so get this man!