Friday, April 9, 2010


You guys remember 'ol Opiewan right? You know my old gaming friend who brought us his Sisters of Battle (and the awesome marble effect)? Well he's back and his allegiance seems to be swaying toward the heretical Tau! My Imperial Guardsmen brought back this intelligence indicating the treacherous Tau have enlisted the help of Kroot never before seen.

Many of my own Guardsmen died to bring you this information.


Awesome paint job and scheme Opie!


jabberjabber said...

Awesome paint job. The blue weaponry makes for a good contrast as well against the tiger stripes.

Sean said...

Man, that looks really nice. I've been trying to find a good color scheme for my Kroot and this is exactly the sort of high-contrast, standout effect I wanted to achieve.

Would it be possible for you to steal the recipe he uses to get the oranges? I've found it a very difficult color to get right.

opiewan-kanopie said...

Fiery orange on a white base coat, bleached bone on the ventral surface, shaded with flesh wash, highlights picked out with skull white followed by orange again.

Blue weaponry and armor is so that they jive with the rest of my army, look for them getting blown up at a blog near you!

FoxPhoenix135 said...

That is sweet! Props opie, that is killer.

Max said...

Those are made of awesome.

Sholto said...

I have orange Kroot and tiger-striped Space Marines, but never thought about putting the two together! This looks awesome, and is my favourite Kroot scheme yet.

Gyro said...

While you were away I ended up trading my Tau army away. If I ever have to start back up though, I'd have to copy this Kroot scheme, tell your friend it looks great.