Saturday, April 24, 2010

Proof You Should Always Cut Away From You

If blood makes you squeamish, feel sick, or freaks you out please go look at some other blog RIGHT NOW!

Ok... you've been warned!


Boy, am I stupid.

While reworking a mini to do some converting I jabbed my middle finger with an x-acto knife. A half an inch over just a bit more and it would have gone through a lot deeper.

This has been a public service announcement brought in part to you by The 25mm Warrior to remind you to always cut away from you. However if you don't you have a good excuse for some blog time.

Anyone got a band-aid I can borrow?


Schnitzel said...

Can't say I haven't done that before. While I have yet to curtail my habit of cutting towards me at times, I have gotten more careful. Besides, worst comes to worst, you've got super glue within arms reach to stop the bleeding. ;)

I'm being serious about the super glue btw.

Chris said...

I stabbed my index finger a few months ago while using my hobby knife to get my plastic glue open. It took quite a while for the finger to be restored to full functionality.

Schnitzel said...

Well, I some how angered the Karma gods today and managed to cut my fingers twice and coat 'em in super glue three times. Blah!

The 25mm Warrior said...

Oh man... really? Yikes! You got pics?

Schnitzel said...

Negative on the pics, cuts were too minor. I probably did more damage to my hands by scraping off super glue with my hobby knife. lol.