Friday, April 30, 2010

Ok... don't really go out and burn your Codices and Rulebooks... but it got your attention didn't it?

This little installment of The 25mm Warrior is gonna show you how our gaming group put together Quick Reference Binders to speed up our game play. Lets face it, Codex's and Rulebooks slow us down and rob us of precious playing time. Unless you got one of those rockin photographic memory thingys (or you've been playing a ton of 40K for a long time) your gonna run into a lot of situations where your thumbing through the rule book or your armies codex to look stuff up. With the links below and a look at my own Quick Reference Binder you can see how fast and simple it really is to put this invaluable tool together.

Full props goes out to Opie-Wan for the idea.

First go out and get yourself a thin see-through binder where you can slide paper in the front and back covers. Your also going to need sheet protectors for the inside. I got all this stuff at a local drug store for about ten bucks...cheep.

Next head on over to the Games Workshop site for downloads. Now I'm linking them because they were a bitch for me to find. Maybe I'm just dumb but they tucked all the references and quick play coolness at the bottom of the Gaming drop down. I found it on accident.

Army Roster Sheets

5th Edition and Army Reference Sheets

Now just print away and slide the paper where you want it to go in your binder. We stick the 5th edition reference sheets on the outside of the binder since those get looked at the most.
Heres an inside look at my own.

Now I know this might seem as a "duh" and I'm sure there are tons of people out their that do this already but if your anything like me you may have missed the download section on the website. Lame they put it out of the way like that.

Now don't forget that our very own From The Warp site has a download section with tons of goodness for speeding up your game. Ron has stuffed it with all kinds of treats. Thanks Ron!

From The Warp Reference Sheets and Play Aids

Hopefully this points you in the right direction to speed up your games and save your thumbs from paper cuts.

Cheers Mates!


Gyro said...

...and here I thought the title meant this was going to be an iPad plug!

The last game we played of 40k did seem kind of bogged down with lots and lots of rules research, flipping through different rulebooks and the like. Kind of took the fun out of it...

The 25mm Warrior said...

An I pad would be cool... but instead of flipping through a book now were pushing buttons or tapping touch screens.

I agree. Having to constantly flip a book for vital info in game is a kill joy. Games should have enough rules to keep it interesting while keeping it simple. Our binders facilitate that need.

The worst is 3rd edition D&D. That one game can cause so many rules debates and book flipping that in a four hour session you get like fifteen minutes of actual role playing in... lol.

Schnitzel said...

Great post, I plan on taking a trip to the library here shortly to print this lot off. Its a great idea for newbies like me. ;)

Dave said...


er, I mean the 25mm warrior. have you seen wargames factory new 28mm sci fi figures?


The 25mm Warrior said...

Dave: Woah... those are nice! Heh, finally an IMP army that would be affordable :)