Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sup My Fellow 40K Junkies!

First I have to say a very heartfelt thanks for the awesome support from everyone who checked out Sundays Top Five Blogs That Need Followers!!! (#1). All the blogs listed got a nice jump in followers and that is all thanks to you guys! This blog got the number 2 spot on last weeks Top Ten to boot!

Again that is all because of you guys! From The Warp Rocks!

So lets get to it shall we?

Minions Of The Monster Master

Now I have yet to listen to the podcast myself but it has Mik from Mik's Minis (or Gyro as his pic now shows) so I know for a fact it's gonna be friggin awesome! I'm looking forward to putting em on tonight as I get ready to post my 1000 point Imp Army. From the looks of it we got gaming, booze and Cthulhu... seems like a total package. So get on over there and support your fellow Warper as they venture into the realm of podcasting! We can do em better than the 24 followers they have now can't we?

What Makes the Green Grass Grow!?


I've been to basic training too :)

We got a service member here which is always going to get my attention (since I'm a Vet myself). So first things first... Thank you for your service and keeping me, my wife and my six year old safe from people who would wish us harm. There is no amount of thanks for what you sacrifice on a daily basis. I hope you take this little honor as an expression of that gratitude.

Now here we got a nice Chaos blog. So nice in fact it has one of the coolest conversions of a Valkyrie that I have seen so far. Keep up the good work Marine! (when you got the time that is :)

Opps... hold on a sec... got to put some Rush on...

There that's better. Now where was I...


This guys "about me" photo is Tom Servo from Mystery Science Theater 3000!

Friggin awesome!

So why should we give a hoot about this blog? Awesome painted minis, some tactics theory and a review of some classes he took at Adepticon. Nuff said.


Here is a guy that comes to us all the way from Ireland! We got plenty of Warpers from The United States and England but I think he may be the only guy from The Emerald Isle. He's a Tyranid player with an awesome color scheme (the bone and red on these guys is my favorite). His love of Nids extends to some Battlefleet Gothic as well. Good stuff.

E's Painted Minis

Here is a blogger after my own heart.... a guy who struggles with painting his stuff. However the stuff he does have painted is excellent. Can't wait to see what he does with those Space Marines.

So that closes out another week. Remember, don't be a leader...



E said...

Thanks for the praise, will try and get those marines painted soon.


PS. Thanks for my first mention on someone else' blog.

Papa JJ said...

Thank you very much for giving such a kind introduction to my blog, I am extremely grateful and feel honored that you chose to include it in your post today. I'm about to hit my 1-year anniversary of blogging and until now have been doing so in relative obscurity. I appreciate your support as you've really encouraged me to keep it up. Thanks again, and thank you for your service to the country.

Schnitzel said...

Major thanks for the praise, and thanks for serving too.
I was totally surprised seeing my blog pop up... Here I am just scrolling to see whats recommended this week and my jaw drops. Seriously, thanks.