Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ooopps I almost forgot about this. Stupid holiday weekend, has me all turned upside down. I got 20 minutes to get it posted so lets get a going yo!

We all know how hard camo can be and we all hate people that can make camo look not only good but easy to do. Well here is another guy to hate! Really some of the best camo work I'm ever seen. Not only that but this guy is a DOCTOR! Damnit now I really have no excuse to not paint my minis. A big shout out to Big Papa JJ of Dicerolla for the heads up on this guy!

Cadian 77th Expeditionary Force
Awesome looking Guard is one thing... but a comprehensive tutorial on how to do em too? How does this not have more followers? Good luck trying to get them to look as good though :)

Anything But Ones
It can't be all paint and primer all the time. Sometimes content is enough to turn heads and this blogs "History of..." feature is really great. Go have a look fool, schools in sucka!

Fantasy Games
This blog has a cool feature... a nice list to guide you through getting your army painted! Go and join em and get your name up there.... hell I should do it too.

40K Battle Report Blog
I like battle reports, you like battle reports... how about a blog that has nearly nothing but battle reports? Nuff said yo!

Whew, still got 10 minutes to spare. Now I have to go show Opie-Wan the might of Cadia! See ya next sunday and until then...

Don't be a leader,



DrGabe said...

Thanks for putting me in the line up this week!!!
I hope to get another tank done-up in a similar scheme this week.

The 25mm Warrior said...

You got it Doc!

You got a nice looking blog there man. Keep it up!

Thanks for what you do too bro. Being a Doc can;t be easy :)

Papa JJ said...

Does every Imperial Guard player have an awesome blog to go with their army, like they're issued with the Codex or something? Really inspiring stuff, thanks for sharing these with us!

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