Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Just giving a shout out to Mik's Minis and Minions Of The Monster Master to help spread the word on a very cool project they have going on.

They are holding a raffle in July to win an entire Space Marine force! This force has some serious big names humping the painting haul to deliver what promises to be an exquisite looking force. What's even cooler is this is going to be The Storm wardens... a never before seen chapter of the Emperors finest.

It's only a dollar a raffle ticket with the proceeds going to Doctors Without Boarders.

So what are you waiting for? Go toss em a few bucks and you may just get tossed a heap of painted minis back!

I'll be posting this every Monday to remind everyone out there until it draws to a close.

Good luck all and be generous!!!

You can see the contest here


Gyro said...

Thanks for the plug chief!

Yeah, this is kind of a big deal...some of the bigger names in the 40k Blogosphere, with some of the best brushes around (not including myself in any of that mind you) and we're cranking out about a 2,000 point COMPLETED army to boot.