Saturday, June 12, 2010

Radio Killed The Blogging Star

We're gonna take a break from SUNDAYS TOP FIVE BLOGS THAT NEED FOLLOWERS to bring you this special announcement!!!


What a great group of guys! They had me on for a thirty minute interview about 40k, my blog, what's to come and a bit about myself. The only problems we ran into was a few initial mic problems and an issue with Skype dropping the calls. However their professionalism shined through it all and they delivered on an absolutely awesome interview!

They also were gracious enough to let me make a HUGE announcement on their show. What is it? Your just gonna have to go listen to episode 19 to find out :)

Again, a huge heartfelt thank you to the MINIONS team for a great and unique experience!


T-Bone said...

Thank you Josh! We appreciated you wisdom on all things 40K! You have me ready to go take out a second mortgage and buy a new Army!

If you have time, after the big announcement, to come back on, we would love to have you.

Duck Sauce said...

I think you mean episode 18!!! :-) (j/k, I flubbed the episode number)

Gyro said...

I'll chime in here; having just listened to #19 I gotta say it sounded pretty good. Connectivity issues aside, you were nice and clear and actually sounded like you knew what you were talking about to boot! I count it easily as a success, we'll need to have you on again...just not with T-Bone's laptop!

The 25mm Warrior said...

Right on!

"...actually sounded like you knew what you were talking about to boot!"

Whew, I fooled em good! Heh those pesky Minions, so easily fooled they are! Already my evil plan is unfolding as I use them to sow disinformation to all their unsuspecting listeners! No one will ever suspect I'm talking out of my ass!!!


Papa JJ said...

Congratulations, Wonton! I really enjoyed the interview segment you did (thank you for your service to the country, btw) and thought your 40k contributions to the show were great. Best of luck to you with Critical Miss Radio, I'm definitely looking forward to it.