Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Best Miniature I've Ever Made

What do you get when you cross a little boy, season one of "G.I. Joe" and temporary tattoos... all near fathers day?

Gold, that's what!


How could I resist? Oh we didn't stop there. The boy had to be turned into a double agent!


Man, being a parent friggen rocks!

In case you were wondering my son is the best miniature I've ever made and he and my babies mommy did their best to make my fathers day awesome! My boy gave me this...
Of course as a parent I love anything he makes me. This one is right at daddy's work station :)

My wife continued to spoil me by letting me run amuck at the Games Workshop site! (within reason of course). Since I had been eying the new templates for Warhammer Fantasy I decided to get a set of Counters, Range Finder and Blast Templates. I almost pre-ordered the book but Opie-Wan's Jedi like wisdom prevented me. While the book looks awesome it's also bloody HUGE! Really, it's like a friggin weapon itself! Big tomes like that are unwieldy during game play. I'll just hold out for the boxed game when I get my hands on a nice miniaturized version of the rules... Oh who am I kidding. I'll eventually buy the big stupid rule book too cuz I'm that gamer ya know?

My fathers day didn't stop there though...

When I went over to my parents house to drop off my dad's gift and pay him a visit my folks gave me a gift of my own...
This one surprised me. My parents don't even know what Warhammer 40k is. They took my Uncle with them and he picked em out. That was really sweet of them to do that and it taught me a lesson too; No matter what your kids are into, at any age, you have to support them in what they're interested in and love. I hope my boy becomes a gamer and dread the day he becomes involved in sports but if that's what he decided to do, then I'm now a sports fan.

I'm truly spoiled. Thanks babe for a great day. Mom, Dad, I love you and I try to live up to the example of parenting that you taught me. And to my Mr. Boo's who made me the best picture frame ever! Thanks you boy! I love you and am so proud of you... YO JOE!!!

Surely goodness and mercy have followed me all the days of my life.


Grajo said...

Man, you are one truly fortunate guy :)

Gyro said...

Great post chief, thanks for sharing. In the salute pic he looks just like Duke!

Season one of the original series? That's awesome!

Duck Sauce said...

That's awesome. My mother won't even shop off my Amazon list, she hates all my hobbies. ;-) I've worn her down to the point that she gives me cash and ignores what I buy with it.

Easily Amused said...

We love you babe ;)

opiewan-kanopie said...

You see the new starter set was announced? "Island of blood" or some such testosterone addled nonsense.
Supposedly going to have High Elves and Skaven, with (hopefully) some new sculpts. High Elves need it some thing awfull, as poster children of the BSH (Big Stupid Hat) syndrome that plauged GW for so long.

Papa JJ said...

Impressive work sculpting that GI Joe out of green stuff... looks to be about 1:1.5 scale, right? And posable, too! Glad you had such a great father's day.

I'm interested in seeing what you do for Fantasy, that High Elf you painted for Mordheim a while ago looked really nice. Did you play any of the previous editions of WHFB?

The 25mm Warrior said...

@ Grajo: Yes... I really am. I dig day like that cuz it help make me see past the pain of being crippled. Life really does go on.

@ Gyro: Now that you mention it... HE DOES LOOK LIKE DUKE! I think it's the hair cut.

I bought season 1 at Walmart for like 13 bucks. It came with the tattoos. After watching them again with my boy it made me realize how lucky we were as kids to have had shows like that. It really says something when todays cartoon don;t capture the imagination of my son the way these shows do.

@ Duck Sauce: Well don't think my parents are all supportive. I wasn't aloud to play D&D until I was an adult because my parents thought it was "satanic." That's why a gift like that shocked me a bit. However after debating the issue with them for years they've finally come around to stop bugging me about it.

@ Easily Amused: You two are my everything. I love you so much.

@ Opiewan-Kanopie: Yeah I got the email announcing the boxed set too. The bottom pic on the email showed High Elves vs. Skaven however this could be a ruse. I'll believe it when I see it.

Dude, come to grips with it.... THEY ARE NOT GOING TO LOOSE THEIR BIG FUNNY HELMETS!!! It's like their trademark dude. If the new Eldar figs (which came out not too long ago) still are rocking the cone heads then, well...I'm sorry bro :(

@ Papa JJ: Lol! Nice man. That was funny. Clever wit is awesome!

I got my choices narrowed down between Empire or Dark Elves. Opiewan is doing Undead and JubieX is sporting Wood Elves (pun totally intended :). Since some variety would be nice I'll probably settle with Empire. However in Opie's words "You'll end up doing em all anyway."

I don't remember the edition but I did play the one with the Bretonians and Lizardmen. I only had the boxed set and we never really played it (no money back in those early college days). I've always digged it though. Hell I'm down for any game really :)

Warhammer39999 said...

Congrats to you on your lot. I was a little sad to see that your boy sided with Joe, since Cobra was so much cooler... but the double-agent thing was priceless. :)