Monday, June 7, 2010

Diamonds In The Rough

It's amazing what you'll find in junk bins.

Our local game store has these miniature bins that are full of unwanted miniatures. The bins are apart of their second hand resale venture where gamers can dump their unwanted swag for store credit. The miniatures run seventy five cents for plastic minis and a dollar seventy five for metal minis.

Well my latest venture in mini dumpster diving unearthed a few nice buys.

First is this Cadian legs and body I stumbled across.
Now I have more than enough bitz to flesh him out. The boxed set of troops alone is twenty five bucks for ten Cadians. Simple math is all that's needed to show this is a steal at seventy five cents.

As I dug further I found my second treasure... a Space Marine Scout
According to the Games Workshop site three of these bad boys run fifteen bucks. A scout for a buck seventy five is a no brainer.

Now I saved the best for last. The pic say it all...
Thats right! Your looking at a 1987 Eldar in all it's hideous glory! Now I'm really gonna try to salvage this one and see what The Army Painter can do to fix him up a bit. You have to wonder while looking at this pic just how Games Workshop became what it is today. This mini stands as a testimony that success can really happen from meager beginnings and at a hundred and seventy five pennies this little piece of history was a must have.

With how expensive Games Workshop is now (especially with the price increase) it's cool to get some minis at a discount.


Gyro said...

Ha, nice finds all around. I really dig that old Eldar stuff, and those metal scouts have always been some of my favorites...

Gyro said...
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