Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Big Announcement...

The details are being worked out but I'm going to be interviewed on the coolest podcast out there... Minions Of The Monster Master on Saturday June 12th!!!

I'm so excited! Not only am I a fan of the podcast but to be interviewed By Gyro of Miks Minis is a true honor. He is the blog I look up to when I think of how to do my own. Really, in the blog world, he would be my hero.

So you can imagine my thrill at the email I got asking me to come on the show for a few minutes.

Also they are letting me make an announcement of my own about my blog and the direction JubieX, Opie-Wan and I are going in. Really it's gonna be cool.

So mark your calenders! The 25mm Warrior is going radio!


Papa JJ said...

Congratulations, that's awesome news! I'm really curious to find out what Minions moniker will be assigned to you. Also I can hardly wait to hear what the big announcement is that you'll be making... fortunately just one week of suspense to endure. Very exciting stuff, thanks for letting us know.

T-Bone said...

We look forward to having you on the show, and hearing about the big things you have planned. We have even convinced Gyro to bath- something he hasn't done since 1986- just for the occasion.

We don't have a moniker for you yet.