Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Armies Are Now Mechanized

A huge box showed up on my doorstep yesterday and as I franticly opened it up I was excited to see this...

There was a big struggle for me in choosing between Sabol Designs Army Transport and Battlefoam cases. I settled on the above for three reasons. First, Battlefoam is extremely expensive for what it does and The Army transport is really the better value. Second, the above configuration completely holds my 1000+ point Imperial Guard force (which is sizable, as you'll see below). Battlefoam, for the same price would not have held it. Now third, and most important, The Army Transport above has a handle and wheels. Nowhere in the Battlefoam product line do they have a transport that offers that kind of convenience and what a much needed convenience it is. I walk with a cane and it's awkward to lug around a huge bag. This bag makes it easier for me to get out and game at the game store if I want to.

Sabol Designs Army Transport won hands down (and the black is cooler looking too).

I haven't done a muster pic of my Imperial Guard yet (I'd like to save that for when the whole thing is painted) but you'll get an idea of just how much this Army Transport holds. Not to mention that if it can hold an Imperial Guard army it will hold any other as well. Here it is in action.

Two inch foam trays for infantry.

Three inch foam trays for walkers and light tanks.

Four inch foam trays for big ass tanks.

Now my armies are comfortably mechanized and I can go anywhere with them. I can even load up my paints in the trays and paint wherever I want. The added space for storage is welcome and compared to Battlefoam it didn't break the bank. To top it all off it shipped quick too!

It's awesome when you get a great buy with a great product from a great company. I even got this at a discount because they have new deals every month!

You can see Sabol Designs The Army Transport website here.


Gyro said...

Ugh, so, so, so, sooooooo jealous! Can you believe, given all the minis/armies I have, I don't have even a single foam tray, let alone any kind of transport? It's fine when you game at home all the time, but my crap is so non-portable.

Congrats on a rockin' case, now paint that army up and stuffed in there!

Duck Sauce said...

Battle Foam is also using lawyers to sue competitors. The whole case seems like total bullshit, apparently Battle Foam has a business partner claiming he was confused by Outrider's trademarks, he's suing them out of state, etc... I couldn't buy anything from Battle Foam. I had previously bought their Space Hulk foam, and frankly wasn't impressed anyway.

blang86 said...

I have the division case from Sabol for my Tyranids. It fits about 3500 points of Gaunts, stealers, and other misc. monsters. I have to decide on whether to go Sabol or Battlefoam for my Dark Eldar though and I think I'm going to spend the extra cash and try out Battlefoam. I love the Sabol cases, they are great, but they just can't hold the same amount of vehicles as the battlefoam case can (I need to be able to hold at least nine raiders / ravagers). I hope your army enjoys their new home!

The 25mm Warrior said...

@ Gyro: Wow. I find that shocking that you don't have a trasport. Lucky for you Sabol Desighns has a special this month on a grip load of foam trays.

Yeah, yeah... I know... paint your army. Ugg, I hate painting. I've been in a real painters slump latley. My uncle is doing this eight figures a week plan. Maybe I'll start doing something like that.

@ Duck Sauce: What? You serious? That's dumb. Your tidbit into just what kind of company Battle Foam is made me glad I didn;t buy from them.

@ blang88: 3500 points of Tyranids? You have 3500 points of nids? Wow... they all painted?

Sabol makes a Motor Pool transport. Does Lame Foam carry more than that?

blang86 said...

Yeah, the division is actually the largest case sabol makes. It's 3600 cubic inches of space (it also has the wheels). The motorpool is only 1560 cubic inches. The 1520 lamefoam case is 4224 cubic inches. Believe me, I would love to go with Sabol for my raiders but I've done the sketches on their double-wide foam trays and there's no comparison to how many vehicles would fit :[ I do feel dirty poking around their website due to their cowardly legal tactics. It's truely a moral conundrum.

And yes, my Tyranids are 90% painted. The only thing assembled that's unpainted are my three carnifex's multitude of heads and weapons. It was quite possibly the most painful experience of my life, almost made me quit the hobby which is why I don't buy more Tyranids. I also still have a complete battle force, box of warriors, a box of genestealers, deathleaper, and a biovore NIP. I just direct deposit my paychecks to Games-Workshop.

Gyro said...

Thanks to this post I just placed an order with Outrider!

No, no, not an army case, but still. Shipping was a tad expensive surprisingly, are they in the states? I couldn't tell.

I'll let you know about quality when it arrives, rock on...